Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update #6 on Erin

My sis was released from the hospital Tuesday evening (with no diagnosis and instructions to follow up with the dermatologist and rheumatologist next week). She is staying at my mom’s house where there is more space and less people so she can rest and recuperate. I spoke to her yesterday morning and the plan for the day was for Paul to take Kaylee to his parent’s apartment (30 minutes away) for the day so Erin could nap without worrying how Paul is doing with Kaylee. Paul and Kaylee left around noon, and my mom came home from work at 3pm so she was only “alone” for 3 hours (she was never alone because my dad and brother were there working on the deck outside).

I called again this morning to check on her and she still sounded weak but the plan for today was the same as yesterday, with the exception of my brother being gone at Boy Scout camp until Sunday, and my dad stuck inside because it was raining (can’t build a deck in the rain!). That was about 9:30am.

At 3:45pm my mom phoned to tell me Erin had just been taken back to the hospital by ambulance. I guess she started to not feel well and could tell her heart rate was low. She phoned Paul and he said he would come back to my mom’s. In the meantime he told her to get my dad. She told my dad she needed help and either he checked her pulse or she just knew her heart rate was low, but either way, my dad called 9-1-1 and an ambulance rushed her back to the hospital. My dad called my mom at work while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, and she got to the hospital at the same time as my sis.

When my mom called, Erin was still on the stretcher in the ER waiting to go back to an exam room. At this point I’m not sure if she’ll be readmitted (I hope so!) or what the deal is. I am waiting for my mom to call me with an update. I called my friend Chelsea as soon as I hung up with my mom and she said if Erin was admitted again, she’d go up to see her, which of course made me feel better. I hate being here, not knowing what’s going on. I know I wouldn’t be able to do anything if I were there, but at least I’d be closer to her and could help with Kaylee and share the burden with my mom. She’s a diabetic so I worry about her health, too. That’s the latest news on Erin. It seems as if she’s getting worse instead of better, but again, the Lord is in control.

*I am thankful my dad called 9-1-1 instead of minimizing her complaints.*

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