Thursday, June 6, 2013

{Locks of Love}

Now that summer is here, school is out, and our days less busy, I have more time to post what's been going on in our lives...

For several months, Tristin-Grace has been wanting to cut her hair. As in short, very short. She was tired of having to sleep in braids, and truthfully, she just wanted a change. TJ was against her getting her hair cut off. Every morning, as I brushed and fixed her hair for school, she'd plead with me to make her an appointment. Every evening, after her shower, she'd plead with me to make her an appointment. And each day when she got home from school, she'd ask me to fix her hair and beg me to make her an appointment. And each instance I told her the same thing: talk to your dad.

Finally, Tristin-Grace was able to plead her case to her dad. Although not happy, he agreed she could get her hair cut. I made her appointment about 2 weeks out to give her time to think about how she wanted it cut, and if she truly did want to cut it short or if she only wanted a couple inches cut off. We talked about how she could donate her hair to an organization that makes wigs for children who are battling cancer, alopecia, or some other medical condition causing hair loss. I showed her pictures of a little girl we know (but haven't seen in a while) who is the same age as Tristin-Grace. She is battling brain cancer and lost her hair due to all the surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Although hers is starting to grow back, Tristin-Grace made her decision and was set on donating it to Locks of Love.

We discussed our plan with TJ. Locks of Love require a minimum of 10 inches from tip to tip of the cut hair, and the hair has to be banded or braided together. I rubber banded her hair and took a ruler to it to show him about where it would fall after it was cut. TJ really didn't want her to cut her hair, not because he was set on her having long hair, but because he was worried she wouldn't like it after it was cut. She has only ever had long hair and was in for a big change! He agreed to having the 10 inches cut but not a centimeter more!

For 2 weeks she counted down the days, and honestly, I really thought she would change her mind once the big day arrived! We got to the salon, ruler in hand, and got started. Our stylist, Erica, began by straightening Tristin-Grace's hair so that, when cut, it would be exactly 10 inches. Finally, it was time to begin cutting. I gave Tristin-Grace one more opportunity to change her mind, but she was determined!

Her hair when we arrived

Straightening it

Measuring exactly 10 inches

 The Big Cut!
 View of the back
Her new 'do
She is thrilled with her hair! She loves that she can wear it down without getting in her face, and she said it feels lighter now (well no wonder- it was down to her bottom berfore her haircut!). Someone asked how much total she had cut, and I would estimate 11 inches. Her ponytail was 10 inches exactly but once her remaining hair was evened out everywhere, it was close to another inch off the back and sides. I'm just happy that Tristin-Grace loves her hair as she definitely earned this haircut!