Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Being pregnant and sick has allowed me to lose at least 4 pounds this past week. Plus, I still don't really have much of an appetite, although I did "splurge" yesterday as we celebrated Ta's and TJ's birthdays.

Yesterday began with breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. I love this place, yet nausea limited me to only 1 donut and then regretting it the rest of the day (because I felt worse, not because of it being junk food!) I ate 1/2 a sandwich for lunch, and then we went to Red Lobster for dinner (TJ's choice- Ta's birthday dinner is Thursday night. We switched them because where Ta wants to go, kids eat free on Thursdays). Again, nausea limited me to 1 cheddar biscuit, 3/4 of my salad, 8 shrimp scampi, and 4 fries from Th's plate. I forced myself to eat birthday cake when we got home so I didn't hurt anyone's feelings, but I was stuffed.

Today, I had a small handful of pretzel sticks (the small ones), 1/2 of a sandwich, and a cup of tea. I'm just not hungry, and food doesn't even sound appealing to me.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some pictures posted of the birthday boys and a conversation between me and Th. Until then. . .