Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Vote for Richmond Drive!

Ta's school, Richmond Drive, has an awesome Spanish immersion program where all students receive Spanish instruction for at least 20 minutes every day. A 5th grade class entered the ACTFL Video Podcast Contest in which they created a 1-minute video explaining what languages can do for them. Their video has made it to the national finals! Please take a moment to vote for the video as they can win cash and prizes to benefit the school's Spanish program. Thanks! To vote, visit

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Week of Blessings

This past week I was once again reminded of the love of God for His children as I was blessed by acts of kindness almost every day. Before I share how I was blessed, let me begin with the why I believe I was blessed. A few days after Christmas I found out that I am again having problems with my thyroid. In the past, my thyroid levels have been too low. However, now they are too high. My doctor was concerned about 1) the elevated levels and 2) the fact that I went from one extreme to the other. I was put on medication to help even out the numbers but as a result, I am plagued by constant fatigue. Add to it that Annie still wakes throughout the night; I am feeling exhausted and unrested most of the day! Until the medication gets adjusted correctly, I will battle this fatigue. I have to go have blood drawn every 2 months until the medication is at the correct dosage. I go back again at the end of February for my next lab work. Any mom will agree it’s difficult to care for kids when she isn’t feeling her best; I am no exception.

First, on Monday TJ and I  drove around town hanging fliers for MomTalk in various places. TJ was a huge blessing to me because of his willingness to go into businesses and hang them. Monday night a very special friend offered to babysit all 5 children so that TJ and I could go out together to celebrate my birthday. We had a wonderful time as it has been 6 months since our last time out alone. Tuesday my neighbor watched my kids for me at the last minute so I could go to the dentist. I had a filling put in a couple of weeks ago, and since then, my tooth has been very sensitive to touch, but not to temperature. By Wednesday I knew I needed to go back to the dentist because I still was not able to chew or touch the tooth and knew for certain where the pain was located. Two dear friends from church offered to keep the kids for me on Thursday so that I could back to the dentist without hauling my kids with me. If you have children and don’t have family  to help with childcare, you know how difficult it is to do ANYTHING for yourself during the hours of 8am-5pm (hair cuts, doctor visits, Post Office trips, bank, etc!) =)  A sweet friend sacrificed an hour of her day to come over to stay with my children while I went and had my filling replaced- so grateful as it would have surely been an exciting visit to the dentist with 4 kids in tow! On Friday, another friend contacted me out of the blue to offer me her jogging stroller.  TJ and I had been looking on Craigslist for one but just didn’t want to part with the money. This gift was definitely a blessing orchestrated by the Lord because no one knew of our desire. Again, an encouragement and blessing to me that I am grateful to have received!

As I am faced with fatigue and a never-ending list of things to do because of my title as “Mom,” I am forced to humble myself, ask for help, and rely on the Lord for much-needed strength to mother my children. I am so thankful for the many friends the Lord has placed in my life because they are such a help to me in many ways! Through them, the love of Christ was shown to me and my family last week!

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  
~1 Corinthians 13:4

Friday, January 14, 2011

No Abortions with My Tax Dollars!

I have just taken a stand with Concerned Women for America by signing their national petition supporting a Congressional move to permanently prohibit tax dollars from being used to fund abortion services -- either in the U.S or abroad.

With a new conservative Congress in place, this is the very best opportunity to champion the rights of the unborn and strike a serious blow against the abortion culture that has gripped our nation for decades.

Please take a moment to click on the link below to read more about this life-saving legislation and to take action with me:

Thanks for joining with me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Return to Normal

The kids and TJ have been home all week because of snow and ice. They are returning today on a delay, but then will be home again tomorrow for a district furlough day. Ta has to make up his missed days on MLK Day, President's Day, and Memorial Day. Th, who was not thrilled with the idea of still doing school work while everyone was home, is now thankful that he doesn't have to "make up" any days- the beauty of homeschooling! =)

While everyone was home this week we played outside in the snow, played games inside by the fire, and watched movies while snacking on popcorn and hot cocoa. Play was interspersed with work for both TJ and Th. Th has a big project on South Carolina he's been researching since before Thanksgiving, and he and TJ were able to work on it a good bit while he was home.

The project is due on Monday so the deadline is fast approaching. I am looking forward to seeing the final project as I know how much hard work and effort Th has put into it. Since I assigned the project and will be the one to grade it, I have tried to refrain from getting too involved with helping as it just didn't seem right. I made myself available to answer questions and provide guidance if they needed it, but other than that, I don't really know their "plan" of how the final project will come together.
I think TJ has enjoyed helping Th not only because of the 1-on-1 time they spent together, but also because TJ learned more about this state we call home.

Along with Th's schoolwork and my regular household chores, I have been busy working on MomTalk stuff. MomTalk is a conference for moms of any age and will be held the first Saturday in February at my church. I am so excited for this outreach opportunity! I have been praying it would be a great blessing to many as motherhood is hard work and it's easy to get discouraged sometimes. The speakers for the breakout sessions are going to be sharing some fabulous information, and I have a friend who is going to share some funny, truthful moments from her own life to remind us moms it's important to laugh during the difficult times. She shared a story with me yesterday that helped brighten my day. =)

That's about it from our household. 2011 is off to a great start and I am so excited for a new year and new opportunities to serve the Lord by serving others, mainly my family. I have to remind myself often that in serving my family I bring glory to God. It's easy to get caught up in the "daily grind" and lose sight of that fact. I actually have a bible verse written out above my stove to serve as my reminder. Now I have no excuse to not serve them with joy! =)