Friday, November 19, 2010


Teagan has sensory issues that mainly relate to food but also includes her feet. As a result, she HATES to wear shoes because to wear shoes, she also has to wear socks (except with sandals, I know). Whenever we put socks on Teagan, she immediately fusses and claims they “hurt”. I am past the point of getting upset with her as I realize she’s not being difficult or disobedient, she simply has issues and that’s what makes her Teagan. We have recently been trying to find socks that are more comfortable and not as “tight” on her (it’s the seams that bother her so the bigger the sock, the looser the toe seam is). A few weeks ago my sis-in-law held a contest on her blog to win some seamless socks. The winner never contacted her so she had the company mail the socks to me to try with Teagan.  I just received them and can’t wait to try them on her. They truly are seamless so that’s the good news; the “bad” news is that there is an elastic band at the top that I’m not sure if Teagan will tolerate. Nevertheless, I plan to wash these and put them on her beginning tomorrow. I’ll let you know how she does! =)