Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Time!!

A couple of weeks ago, TJ and I took the kids to the Carolina’s Aviation Museum.  The museum recently acquired the US Airways jet “The Miracle on the Hudson: Flight 1549.”  We had a fun morning of looking at airplanes up close, followed by lunch at the Charlotte airport overlook where the kids were able to witness the busyness of the flightline.  It was a beautiful day spent as a family!
Standing next to a main gear strut.

TJ & the kids at the back of a cargo plane.

Annie in the tire that was once on the space shuttle.

The boys watching the documentary about the landing on the Hudson. They were enthralled by it!

"The Miracle on the Hudson"

Contents that were recovered from the Hudson. The cans of soda were still sealed, which is amazing to me considering the impact of the crash.

Other side of the plane.

Ready for our picnic at the airport overlook.

Coupon Finds!

Just a post to show some of the food items one can purchase using coupons matched with a sale. I paid around $40 for all of this, and total retail value is well over $80. I apologize I don’t remember the exact amounts but this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago.   =)