Sunday, March 23, 2008

Erin and Family

My sis made it late last night with Kaylee. She (my sis) seems to be doing okay considering what she is facing. I spoke to her on Thursday and could tell she was very distraught and trying her best to keep it together, at least until after seeing her husband Paul off on Saturday. I called her about 3:30 yesterday to see where she was. She hadn't left yet. She was at the Marine base until about 1 with P. and was so emotionally drained she went home to nap before driving here. I can't say I blame her. . .

I had difficult sleeping Friday night. I kept thinking about her. I experienced a similar situation with Carole the days leading up to Joseph's birth. I really, honestly, with all my heart believe that times like that, the Holy Spirit is prompting me to pray. So I did. I just kept trying to put myself in my sister's place. The fear she must be facing, the uncertainty. She was telling me everything P. is going to be doing in Iraq, and I must say, he will be facing death every morning he wakes. I kept thinking that she probably has some regrets in how she treated him in the time leading up to his deployment (not that their fighting or anything, just the everyday stuff. You know how you get irritated or annoyed at daily stuff.) I kept praying that they would have time alone together that last night, that Kaylee would sleep well and allow them time to talk and bond and share.

He (Paul) won't be home until sometime between November and January. He will be missing out on Kaylee's first year of life. It's sad, but at least it's before she is really old enough to remember him and miss him. Plus, if E. has to be a "single mom" for a season, it's better to do it as a newborn/infant than as a toddler (in my opinion). The toddler years are difficult because of all the exploring, so hopefully E. can make an easy adjustment to this new way of life.

I am just glad she is here with us, and we are able to do things to keep her from being stuck in the house alone and depressed. We have a busy week planned, and as much as I get tired, I know it's important for Erin.