Thursday, November 17, 2011


Teagan is not known for her grace and poise. I can't count the number of times she has bumped her head, some worse than others. She had two goose-eggs on her forehead within 3 months of each other because of falls that were only stopped by her head pounding the ground.  Simply put, she is quite the klutz!

TJ picked her up from preschool on Monday afternoon to find her crying. Apparently she had just had an incident in the playroom where she was running and ran into another child. Upon their collision, she fell and hit her forehead on the floor. There was no bump, not even a mark, but she was pretty upset. TJ brought her home and we proceded to try to calm her down so she could eat lunch. As soon as she was sitting in her chair, she began to vomit. We knew then that she needed to be seen by a doctor.

I called her pediatrician and they recommended we take her straight to the ER. TJ gathered Teagan and had Th go with him to try to keep her awake and talking in the car. In the meantime, I hastily tried to get in touch with 2 college students who have babysat for us in the past. Neither answered the phone. I then tried my neighbor, and she, too, did not answer. I put Annie & T.G. in the car and began to drive, not really thinking about where I was going. Once I realized which direction I had gone, the Lord brought to mind a friend from church whose house I was just about to pass. I quickly dialed her number and thankfully she was home and more than willing to keep the girls with her. I dropped them off and met TJ at the hospital at 1pm.

Teagan continued to vomit while we were in the waiting room so the ER nurse contacted the doctor for approval for a CT scan. The scan was approved and she had the scan at about 2:15pm. Then, we were sent back to the waiting room. We waited for 2 1/2 hours all the while Teagan continued to vomit. TJ and I took turns inquiring about the status of the scan, but of course no one could tell us anything. We were very concerned because Teagan was still vomiting and becoming lethargic. Finally, around 5pm I left to gather the kids from my friend's house, as well as Ta from another sitter (one of the college girls saw I called and returned my call) so they could eat and we could begin our nightly routine of baths, etc. TJ and Teagan arrived home shortly after I did.

Just as I left, the nurse called TJ back where Teagan was examined. Her scan and vital signs were normal so she was released under the diagnosis of a mild concussion. I followed up the next day with her pediatrician. Because she was still lethargic, vomiting, and complaining of a headache, he recommended her activity be limited. She is excited about being able to return to preschool tomorrow!

                                                         *    *    *
After talking with someone who has more experience with concussions than I do, I am thankful this happened now rather than later. As was previously stated, Teagan has hit her head many times, some even harder than this. I firmly believe that each bump and fall progressively built up to this. Now we know she is extremely susceptible to head injuries, and we will monitor her reactions to bumps/falls more closely.

Also, the Lord used so many people to encourage us during the entire ordeal. I promise you, it was the Lord who provided the sitter for Annie & T.G. as I was so upset I wasn't thinking clearly. I left my neighborhood not headed in the direction of the hospital (let's hope that doesn't happen when I go into labor!) and couldn't think clearly enough to get bearings. My friend lives in the next neighborhood so I turned there in an attempt to turn around. The fact that she was home, answered her phone (after I had called 3 other people), and was able to help with childcare was a huge answer to prayer!!!

When TJ and I got home from the hospital, my neighbor called to say that the director of the preschool felt so terrible about what happened she had brought pizza over for us. Since we weren't home yet, she left it at the neighbor's who stuck it in the oven to keep warm. What a blessing to not have to prepare supper after unexpectedly being gone all afternoon!

The next day, for Teagan's follow up appointment, another girl from our church stayed with the kids so I didn't have to take them with me. Her sweet mother prepared a meal for us and brought it over when she came to pick up her daughter. Again, a huge blessing as I was still tired from everything that had happened on Monday. This particular girl had her own experience with a serious concussion (she almost died) back in February so it was a blessing to be able to see the progress she's made, plus gain insight into the signs I needed to look for from now on. I know it was a painful and difficult experience for her, but the Lord has used it greatly in her own life and now in mine. Her family knew exactly what we were facing and just what we needed.

I praise God for His hand in the entire situation. It is extremely evident to me that He orchestrated all of the events and will use this in all of our lives. I pray that He continues to protect Teagan just as He's been doing. =)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing

As I've shared before, money is extremely tight as we prepare for the arrival of baby #6, upkeep and maintenance on the house, and feeding/caring for a large family. I have been trying to refinish some of the dressers we already have but we still needed a dresser for Taryn (baby #6). I was just going to make space down in my bedroom for her clothes until we had the money to buy something. Imagine my delight as we were driving home from Th's football banquet and passed a house where a woman was standing outside, removing knobs from a wooden dresser. TJ noticed her and mentioned to me that, for some reason, he thought she was going to be getting rid of it. We turned the van around and drove past again, and sure enough, she was carrying a drawer to the curb. We stopped and inquired about the dresser's fate, and she happily gave it to us. It is a solid wood dresser with lots of potential. I can't wait to muster up the energy to strip the paint and refinish it. I already know how I want it to look as I can picture it in my mind, complete with glass knobs. Just what I need- another project! ;)

Proof that God knows our needs and provides for His children. =)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, T.G.!

T.G., I had no idea how being your mom would be such a blessing! You are a sweet, kind, caring girl who loves her baby sisters so much. God has given you a nurturing spirit, and you do it so well! You are helpful, especially when it relates to babies, cleaning, or cooking. I can already tell you will be a GREAT mommy when you get older! :)

You have your own ideas regarding fashion and clothing, and your favorite color continues to be pink. If you had it your way, you'd wear pink from head to toe every day of your life! You also have an expressed opinion about hair styles and how you want to wear yours each day, and you refuse to have your hair cut except for an occasional trim. I am amazed that you don't mind it so long (it's almost to the bottom of your back) but it is absolutely beautiful, especially when you wear it down. We have had to start conditioning it daily in order to be able to brush it in the mornings, and you LOVE that you get to use grown-up conditioner. :)

This past spring you participated on your first organized sports team and played T-ball. You loved it, although at first you weren't so sure! You were affectionately called "Princess Pink" by your coaches because you wore pink shoes, had a pink glove, and wore pink pants with a matching hairbow to practice each day (your choice). You had fun and we enjoyed watching your skills improve over the course of the season. 

You still like 'Hello Kitty' and the Disney Princesses, however this year your interests have expanded to include 'Strawberry Shortcake'. You enjoy coloring and puzzles, and are now able to complete advanced puzzles with more than 350+ pieces. I am astonished at your ability to simply look at a stray puzzle piece and know which puzzle it goes with. You are doing great with your phonics and letter recognition, and have even started reading a few words (which is pretty exciting!).

I can't wait to see how you change over this next year, especially with us having a new baby soon.  You are excited about sharing your room, although I think it will be challenging for you to get used to not having your own space anymore. I love you so much, T.G., and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with you!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Small Pleasures

Since money has been (and still is!) so tight for us, my mom sent money for us to take the kids to a pottery place to do something fun for T.G.'s birthday. T.G. has never been to one before and has wanted to go since Th has been doing his homeschool pottery class. We planned it on a day when TJ's dad and step-mom were coming out so they could help us with Annie. The boys painted airplanes and the girls painted butterflies. We ended our afternoon with a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake as a special treat for T.G. (she has recently become infatuated with her).  =)