Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures- At Last!

Here are the much anticipated pictures of Teagan that everyone's been emailing me about! :)

A close up of her beautiful face.

On the bilibed in the hospital. I affectionately call this her "space suit". Do you see the bright lights emanating from underneath her? It was literally like a tanning bed (except without the tan).

A close up in her space suit. Look at those cheeks! :)

One of Th's many birthday celebrations. This was for my benefit while I was in the hospital. My mom-in-law baked and brought cupcakes for us to celebrate.

She wasn't too happy about going home!

We were about to be wheeled out to the car. She calmed down and went to sleep.

Respect PSA

Being a Special Education teacher (almost!), you know I can't resist the opportunity to brag on some very special people to me. Although I do not know the people in the video personally, I think they represent those whom I do know very well. In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness month, please watch this PSA (public service announcement) that will be airing inside Wal-Marts throughout the nation. It was because of some wonderful athletes with Down Syndrome and other cognitive disabilities that I decided to devote my life to teaching those with mental retardation. I learned a lot from them, and hopefully, through this PSA, you will learn something, too.