Monday, July 26, 2010

So Special

I love Teagan very much! She has brought so much joy to our family and we are grateful the Lord gave her to us- what a blessing! As many of you know, she has a developmental delay and has been receiving various types of therapy for almost a year and a half. She has "graduated" from all except speech. She is making great progress, except I've started to notice something that concerns me a little. Growling. When she doesn't like or want to do something, Teagan growls. Loudly. I guess maybe growling is easier than trying to say, "No," which she can't say. I'm not really sure, but I am going to talk to Susan, her S/LP, about it tomorrow when she sees Teagan.

Just another confirmation from the Lord how truly special Teagan is! =)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks since my last post so I thought I'd share some of what I've been up to. We went to the beach and had a fabulous trip. We actually stayed a little longer than planned because we just love the ocean and really didn't want to leave. :) Since getting back, I have been working on lesson plans for homeschooling next year. I finalized my curriculum and am now transferring the lessons for each subject into my lesson planner. It's time consuming and I am really only able to do it for a little bit in the afternoons while the kids nap. But, Lord willing, it's getting done and I am thankful.

There are still boxes in almost every room that need to be unpacked, but motivation is small and honestly it's just too difficult for me to unpack with 5 small children. We've done some little projects around the house, one of which was putting plywood sheets up in the rafters of the attic to expand our attic space. We still have a storage unit full of stuff that needs to be brought over, but until we either unpack the boxes or put them in the attic, there is no room for them. We also bought a new light for our dining room and TJ hung that, plus we replaced an old, glass sliding door with more modern (and energy-efficient!) French doors in our office area. They look great, we just need to finish the rest of the office (and each room of the house!). Slowly but surely we'll do it. We are determined to pay cash for everything so as not to become a slave to debt, but that means we can only do what we can afford.

On the plus side, I found some bedroom furniture for T.G. at a moving sale. I can't wait to get it so I can paint it and begin customizing her room for her. It's a double bed, so now guests (my parents and sister) will have a bigger bed to sleep in rather than one of the boys' beds when they come to visit.

Finally, I've been teaching at the preschool summer camp two mornings each week. Most of the kids in my class were in my class last year, so it's nice to spend some time with them again. I was surprised how much I missed them when I saw them on the first day of camp. Last week we learned about space, this week we'll discuss the ocean, and next week is devoted to art. My own kids have had a great time and I've enjoyed teaching again. It gives us something to do and I am making a little extra money at the same time- can't beat that!! Well, time to get working on my lesson plans!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary

TJ and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage today. Where has the time gone? We've been through so much in our 11 years, more than some ever experience in a lifetime. God has been so gracious to us, bringing trials into our lives that have helped us to grow closer to Him and to each other. In the past year alone, we've lost a baby, gained a baby, and moved into a larger house, among other things. This time last year I would have never expected any of those things to happen, and thankfully they have as we have learned a few things in the process.

Now, for those of you who knew us when we were dating, I have this to say to you, "See, we made it this far, and we will continue to make it only by God's grace." To those of you who have known us for only part of our marriage, I have this to say to you, "See, we made it this far, and we will continue to make it only by God's grace." Marriage is hard work but so worth the effort.

*Thank you, Lord, for TJ. He is a wonderful husband, a great daddy who is involved in the lives of his children, and a godly man and example for others. I often take him for granted and pray that You would help me to be his helpmate the way that You intended. Serving my husband is my greatest ministry and in doing so, I glorify You. I pray You remind me of that. Often. Like beat me over the head with it and don't let me forget it. In Jesus' name, amen.