Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Anniversary Dinner

TJ surprised me on Saturday by arranging to have a sitter come and stay with the kids while we went out to dinner for our anniversary. Although we didn’t make it to the Cheesecake Factory or the Melting Pot, we did try a restaurant that we had never been to before called Harry & Jean’s. It was very good, and although a little expensive, it had a quiet atmosphere and excellent food.

We debated on going to watch a movie, but since neither of us knew what was playing, we decided to order our dessert to go, headed to Wal-Mart and bought “Radio” from the $5 bin, and came home to enjoy a peaceful evening. . . once we got the kids settled.

They were really excited all day because a sitter was coming over. We got home shortly after 9pm, so it wasn’t terribly late for them to still be awake. When TJ and I got closer to our house, he asked me if he should park in the garage (he feared the opening garage door would wake up the kids). I chuckled and told him to go ahead because I knew the boys would still be awake. Although all the lights were out upstairs, I could hear their giggles as we entered the kitchen and made our way up the steps. Just as I reached the top step, Ta came running out of his room and Th was close behind! Their mouths were going about a mile a minute trying to cram everything they had done in the past 2 hours into a 10 second briefing. Within 20 minutes of our getting home, both boys were asleep and TJ and I were eating our desserts (he got a peanut butter pie-type dessert and I had apple crisp) and watching the movie.

Now, I want to tell you about our sitter. She is fabulous! She is a few years younger than I am and, although she doesn’t have kids of her own, she is great with them (which is why the kids were excited she was coming over)! She apologized that they were still awake, but I assured her it was okay and I figured they would be too excited to go to bed. When I tried to pay her, she wouldn’t accept, saying the babysitting was her anniversary gift to us. Is that not sweet!?!? What a blessing she is to so many (as she is also the church secretary). As much as we missed them, TJ and I enjoyed our night out together and had a great time having dinner without the kids. We needed to spend the extra money to go somewhere a little more upscale and made the investment in our future- our marriage.

*I am thankful for friends who are a blessing and encouragement to me, and for my husband who is full of surprises.*