Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things about South Carolina Mom

13 jobs I have held. . .

1. Special Olympics Swim Coach
Best job ever and very rewarding!

2. Preschool/Youth swim instructor
My first job (I volunteered until I got hired on at the Y, then I was paid.)

3. Lifeguard
This was my first paid job.

4. Crew Chief/aircraft mechanic on the KC-10
I loved it- I saw the world on this plane and pushed myself the farthest mentally and physically I ever have or ever will again. Of course I missed my family and friends, but if I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.

5. Debrief personnel
I talked with aircrews after they landed about their flight/mission. I learned the logistical side of flying.

6. Tool Crib personnel
I gave the mechanics tools for various jobs needed to fix the airplane. I also inventoried and ordered new tools, and that was fun. Until this job, I had no idea that tool companies have a representative drive around in a truck full of tools for people to use and try. It was during this job that I realized why men get excited about tools. I was able to get my husband some really neat tools and tool boxes, and used the same "tactics" for inventory control on his tools that I used in the military. I really enjoyed this job and learned so much about tools- something most females know very little about.

7. Admin. Assistant for the Regional Office of Marshall's Stores
I worked with the Regional VP and learned a lot about the clothing sales industry. I was the first peson in each day and it was my responsibility to get sales from the previous day. If sales were up, it was a good day. If they were down, it was a bad day. I liked the job but hated not knowing how my boss was going to act, therefore requiring me to walk on eggshells. This was my last job before leaving CA.

8. Admin. Assistant at Beringer Wine Estates in Napa, CA
I liked this job but most people who worked here were snobby. I also didn't like the commute each day. I worked here for only a short time before being hired with Marshall's.

9. Admissions Clerk at a local community college
I enjoyed talking with people, especially non-traditional students, to help them get back into college. My boss was a retired Army sergent and we had a great relationship. I liked my coworkers and I liked working in downtown (or Uptown, as it's called) Charlotte. I learned a lot about the "insides" of many of the processes of going to college- Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, etc.

10. Phone-a-thon caller
I had to call alumni to solicit donations for scholarships. I decided this job wasn't for me after the training session. I never actually called anyone!

11. Professional student
I have been working on my undergrad degree for the past 11 years, taking classes here-and-there while I was in the military and working and being a mom. I was able to quit working outside of the home 4 years ago and became more devoted to my school work. I am now 3 semesters away from finishing.

12. Private Pilot
I entered ground school and began my training. I quit about half way through because I was pregnant with my first child and my belly would not allow my feet to reach the rudder peddles in the aircraft. Being a pilot has been my dream since I was a child, and I am determined to finish it one day.

13. Mom
My most noble calling yet. Although there are too many duties to list or even describe, this is probably the most difficult job I have ever held. Stressful situations like those in the Air Force helped to equip me for life with my kids. Working with athletes in Special Olympics taught me patience, and God has given me the grace and wisdom so that I am "lacking nothing" as James 1:4 teaches. I love being a mom and definitely took my own mother for granted until I myself was a mom.

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