Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm still here. It's been a crazy week with family visiting. My sis and Kaylee were here last weekend, and my parents and brother are here now. We've been busy doing stuff and I also had school Monday and Tuesday. Next week is my final week of school, and finals begin the week after. I have 4 huge projects due next week. I am trying to finish up writing the reports and other necessary paperwork. It's all very time-consuming.

In other news, my Thanksgiving was good with the exception of one minor glitch- my microwave caught on fire! It began sparking and I told TJ so he could come and look at it. He was pre-occupied on the computer so he sort of blew me off. He only took me half-serious when I told him it was sparking. He got up, looked at it, turned it on for about 2 seconds, and said it was good to go. I believed him and turned it on again. About 15 seconds in, it sparked and black smoke came bellowing out, filling my entire first floor. My mom and dad were on a walk with the boys, so I turned off the microwave and stove, grabbed T.G. and Teagan, and headed outside. TJ grabbed the fire extinguisher and began unscrewing everything to get to where the fire was (it was inside the microwave where the electronic components are located). By the time he got everything off and had access to the wires, the fire was out. But, dinner was greatly delayed and the house stunk of greasy smoke all night.

We went out and bought a new one today. We can't live without a microwave!

*I am thankful we are safe and nothing other than the microwave was damaged.*

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am sooo happy!

I received the best news tonight when I got home from school. I received an email and in it, I found out I am going to be doing my full-time student teaching in the classroom I had hoped to be assigned. Although, in human eyes it seems this placement was by chance, I know it was all God. I have been praying about my internship situation for a few weeks now because I will be away from my kids all day. Now that I know for sure where I will be placed, I can better plan my childcare schedule for next semester and my mind is at ease. I will be close to home, the college, and the kids' schools. I feel better knowing that I am only a few minutes away, and I am so thankful the Lord answered my prayer in this way.

Well, I'm off to bed!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


TJ took the boys to a basketball game last night. I was surprised they stayed the entire game. I thought the boys would get bored and they'd have to leave early; I was wrong.

We were up to midnight last night. I was messing around on FaceBook (I joined almost 6 months ago but never had time to mess with my profile or do anything) and TJ was watching TV. Believe it or not, I am almost caught up on homework and am even getting a little bit ahead. As the semester comes near to a close, I am losing motivation to continue to put forth perfection and find myself settling for near-perfection. I can't be perfect all the time! LOL! :)

My sis and Kaylee are coming to visit this Thursday and are staying until next Sunday. I am excited. Kaylee is growing so fast and has changed so much since I last saw her. She is pulling up on the furniture and able to stand on her own. She is so cute and I can't wait to squeeze her cheeks (yes, I am the aunt that squeezes cheeks- I love chubby cheeks!)

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving, as well. TJ wants to hang the Christmas lights and get all the Christmas stuff ready. My mom, dad, and brother are coming to visit, and we are going to be busy the entire time they are here. We are going to cut down our tree the Friday after Thanksgiving, and we'll probably go see a movie or something on Saturday. They are leaving Sunday after church. I won't be able to work on homework while they're here, so I am trying to get as much done beforehand so I'm not as stressed when they leave.

Well, the kids are waking from their naps and I need to get dinner started. We're having pot pies. . .

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling better. . . Sort of

Well, I ended up with the "bug" and was down for the count yesterday. But, I am better, as are the kids, and so far no one else is showing symptoms.

Teagan had her audiologist appointment yesterday. All is well with her. Her hearing appears to be “normal” although it took a few tries to get those results. Because of her age, it is difficult to get a good reading, and I have to bring her back in 6 months to have her rechecked. I was also told to monitor her babbling and other language development as she ages for signs of a delay.

On the same note, TJ took Ta to have his hearing checked at a separate appointment. As you may recall, this child has had many ear troubles. He has had 2 sets of tubes, the most recent of which he received in April. Turns out, the left tube is completely out and the right tube is clogged with fluid behind his ear. At this point he has a conductive hearing loss in his right ear, and he has to go back in Jan. to have his hearing re-checked. I am just frustrated because I have done exactly what the doctor has told me to do and followed his advice as far as going through with surgery twice but his ears aren’t any better. I don’t know what else to do. At this point, he is normal in all areas of development, but I’m afraid that will change the longer he has fluid behind his ear. Hearing loss is a serious matter, and I am at my wit’s end. TJ, as much as I appreciate the fact that he took Ta to the appointment, didn't know how to answer me when I began to question him about the visit; they were questions he didn’t know to ask the doctor (this was TJ's first time taking him to the doctor. He was forced to because I can’t be in 2 places at once!)

I called today and spoke with the doctor's nurse. She was able to answer my questions, and although I hate that Ta doesn't go back until January, she said it's not uncommon for fluid to take up to 6 weeks to clear. If, when he goes back, the fluid is still there, we'll talk options then. For now, his left ear is able to compensate for his lack of hearing in the right ear. If his hearing is the same or worse in Jan. then we will discuss options.

I guess I need to make sure I'm able to go to the appointment! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The "Bug"

We all just got over colds (with the exception of Th, he still has a cough) and now a stomach bug has hit us! Ugh!!! It started with T.G. on Saturday. She seemed fine all morning and played as usual. We came home from Th’s soccer game and the kids played outside until lunch. In the middle of lunch, she vomited EVERYWHERE! TJ stripped her, and I bathed her while he cleaned up. If I haven’t shared it before, I don’t do well with vomit. I get sick at the smell of it.

She vomited a couple more times after that, and had diarrhea to make matters worse. Poor baby- her bottom was raw and despite my efforts to keep her diaper fresh and apply cream after each change, it didn’t really help. It’s better today, and so is she.

However, the bug met Ta at 1am this morning. Nothing like being woke up to the sound of vomit. Thankfully it was on TJ’s side of the bed. The smell alone made me gag a few times, but I worked my way through it to help TJ clean up. Ta is home with me today and I keep praying he doesn’t vomit any more. Or, if he does, at least make it into the trash can. TJ warned me before he left for work that I can’t call him to come home and clean up, meaning I will have to do it myself if Ta misses.

My stomach is a little sour, too. I ate some toast and am trying to take it easy. I don’t know what I’ll do if I catch the bug. Other moms will agree, if we get sick, we have it worse because we still have to muddle through the day since there is no one else to help us care for the kids. There is nothing worse than being sick and not being able to rest, especially with a stomach bug. It’s times like that (when I get sick) that I wish I had family to help me.

On that note, I am off to do some school work. Have a great day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Warning- Graphic Image- Not For Kids!

"The first thing I'd do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007

I received this in an email from a friend of mine.

It is difficult to look at; in fact, it kills me to look at it.

I hate Planned Parenthood and all they stand for. They deceive so many women, myself included, into thinking abortion is okay and an acceptable option. IT’S NOT! I am so thankful there are crisis pregnancy centers around the country to help dispel some of the myths surrounding abortion. I just wish I had walked into one of those centers rather than Planned Parenthood. In my scared, confused state of thinking I made the worst decision of my life. Knowing I did this to my own child makes me sick to my stomach and brings tears to my eyes. BUT, more importantly, I have been forgiven in Christ and learned from my mistake. Now that Obama is President and the Senate is full of liberals, only God knows what will happen. I pray abortion statistics decrease, but more than likely they won’t.

Below is a video of a song that has been playing in my head for the past several days, mainly since first receiving the email with the picture of the baby. The words in the video are powerful, but the images are even more striking. I guess I just keep singing it over and over as a reminder that my sins are forgiven, and I thank God for that.

It’s hard to get over some things, and some things a person never does move past, but I think that’s so we never forget our heinous sins or the power of the cross.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, T.G.

From this. . .

to this. . .

You have grown into such a big girl! You are sweet and loving, and a great big sister to Teagan. I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to be your mommy.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bad Mom Award

Talk about convicting! I lost my patience in these past 30 hours more times than I care to acknowledge. Then I got on-line and read about moms who have recently lost their children to horrible illnesses- 1 to CDH and another to cancer. Of course, now I have tremendous guilt and wish I could have handled situations differently today. I’m sure each of those moms would give anything to have their kids back, and here I am thankful it’s bed time because the house is peaceful and I am able to sit for a minute without having to go break up an argument (or worse) between the kids. As much as I love my children, some days I think I’m going to go insane. Mothering is by far the most difficult task I have ever done. I guess the good thing about TJ going away is that I appreciate him more now. I never realized how much I need those breaks that he offers me by coming home for lunch and helping me with bedtime. Having to do it myself, I learned I could never be a single mom, or at least not a happy single mom!

I have been trying to replace my lack of patience with patience. I took time to write on my blackboard Isaiah 41:10b.

Also, I am officially sick. My throat is hurting and my sinus’ are draining. I only hope Teagan doesn’t catch it. T.G. and Ta are miserable, although Ta continues to act like himself. It’s funny how illness doesn’t seem to affect his energy level- he must be related to the Energizer Bunny (he just keeps going and going and going!) I, on the other hand, am ready for bed. I am trying my best to stay awake until TJ comes home, so hopefully it won’t be too late. If not, I guess he can wake me on the couch. . .

Happy Halloween!

Man oh man am I tired! TJ is at the Wilds this weekend for a men's retreat so I have been home with the kiddos.

We went to visit the nursing home yesterday afternoon for Halloween, and then came home and ordered a pizza. While we waited for the pizza to arrive, we went through the candy and put all the stuff they aren't allowed to have (hard candy mainly) in a bowl for the trick-or-treaters who come to our neighborhood (we don't do trick-or-treating except at the nursing home- during daylight hours). They had fun periodically checking the bowl to see if it was empty. Surprisingly, most of it was gone within about 2 hours. There were only about 8 pieces or so left by the time I turned off our porch light at 8pm. This was the first time I have done that (I usually send the candy to work with TJ) and the kids had such a good time, I think I'll do it every year.

Ta and T.G. aren't feeling well and both had difficulty sleeping last night. T.G. woke up at 10:15pm and I didn't get her back to sleep until about 11pm. Then, Ta woke at 11:15 but thankfully I was able to get him back to sleep in his bed. . . I went to bed after nursing Teagan, about 12:30am. Ta woke at 2:30am and I brought him in my room. Then Teagan woke at 3:30am to nurse again, and I was up with her until about 4. Th woke me up at 6am, and Ta woke shortly thereafter.

I took everyone to Th's soccer game this morning, then we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. Since the middlers aren't feeling well, the trip was short so they could get home to eat lunch and get to bed. I would love to take a nap but I have too much to do- dishes, laundry, figuring out something for dinner, and of course schoolwork. I need to go to the grocery store but it's VERY difficult with 4 kids. I may just wait until tomorrow afternoon when TJ is home.

That's about it for us. I am including a few pictures taken at the nursing home yesterday. Th was a soldier, Ta was Piglet, and the girls were pumpkins. They looked cute! Oh, to update on Teagan, she has her hearing evaluation on Nov. 11. I am going to have to miss class to take her, which I hate to do because I enjoy the class, but of course my kids come first. I hope I will get results at the appointment and not have to wait.