Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm still here. It's been a crazy week with family visiting. My sis and Kaylee were here last weekend, and my parents and brother are here now. We've been busy doing stuff and I also had school Monday and Tuesday. Next week is my final week of school, and finals begin the week after. I have 4 huge projects due next week. I am trying to finish up writing the reports and other necessary paperwork. It's all very time-consuming.

In other news, my Thanksgiving was good with the exception of one minor glitch- my microwave caught on fire! It began sparking and I told TJ so he could come and look at it. He was pre-occupied on the computer so he sort of blew me off. He only took me half-serious when I told him it was sparking. He got up, looked at it, turned it on for about 2 seconds, and said it was good to go. I believed him and turned it on again. About 15 seconds in, it sparked and black smoke came bellowing out, filling my entire first floor. My mom and dad were on a walk with the boys, so I turned off the microwave and stove, grabbed T.G. and Teagan, and headed outside. TJ grabbed the fire extinguisher and began unscrewing everything to get to where the fire was (it was inside the microwave where the electronic components are located). By the time he got everything off and had access to the wires, the fire was out. But, dinner was greatly delayed and the house stunk of greasy smoke all night.

We went out and bought a new one today. We can't live without a microwave!

*I am thankful we are safe and nothing other than the microwave was damaged.*

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