Thursday, March 14, 2013

{#1 Bon Jovi Fan}

My grandmother was the biggest Bon Jovi fan. She had full-length posters of him in her laundry room, bought every newspaper or magazine that wrote an article about him, and recorded every interview with him. She attended several concerts (including traveling out of town), even going back stage to see him personally. Can you guess why?

Jon Bon Jovi was my grandmother's great-nephew. His grandfather was the brother to my grandmother. I don't remember when he passed away (it could have easily been before I was born, I honestly have no idea), but my grandmother and Jon's grandmother were very close. My grandmother would visit her in New Jersey, and Aunt Lizzie even came to Akron to visit my grandmother (which is when I got to meet her). My grandmother was very proud of Jon and his accomplishments. Many family members helped Jon to attain the success he enjoys today (but that is another story far too complicated to share), and my grandma was proud of all who were involved in Jon's career.

At her funeral, there were family photos displayed around the funeral home. Some I had never seen before, many I remembered from years past, and I snapped pictures of some of the photographs because they were still-shots of a time in my grandmother's life when she was truly happy and vibrant...exactly how I remember her.

Do I think it couldn't have been more fitting that Jon was in concert in Cleveland the day of her funeral- no way!!

Below is a picture of her and Jon backstage at one of his concerts in 1989 I think (sorry about the glare)....

My grandmother's wedding day in 1936 (she is the last on the right, with my grandfather behind her)....