Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Birthday Girl

Wow! Where have the past 3 years of my life gone? It is difficult to remember my life without having T.G. in it! I remember when I found out I was having a girl after having the boys; I was ecstatic! I immediately sewed a pink diaper bag and began to shop and stock up on dresses and other girl clothes. T.G. has been a blessing since the moment she was conceived and I am so thankful to have her!

Compared to her two older brothers, she is quiet, sweet, and VERY girlie! Every day she tells me how she wants to wear her hair (in a ponytail, 2 ponytails (pigtails), pretzels (braids)) and what color hair bow to go with her clothes (usually pink). Since getting her ears pierced about 2 weeks ago, she is constantly looking at her earrings in the mirror. She also loves shoes, and takes a good 5 minutes each day deciding upon which shoes to wear. She is so opposite me that it makes me smile- she is truly a unique individual with her own ideas and thoughts. I just love it!

T.G. has also recently started using the "big girl potty" (which is why she got her ears pierced- her reward) and has done so well. She loves the idea of wearing "Princess Panties" on a daily basis and gets upset if I put a Pull-Up on her at nap time. Everything about her is dainty and small and I love it.

At 3, T.G. loves to read books, put together puzzles, and play dress-up. She has several tutus and princess dresses, complete with matching heals, that she enjoys wearing. She also likes to play with dolls and now that Teagan is interested in playing, she solicits Teagan as her own real-life baby. Teagan will sit in T.G.'s doll stroller and let T.G. push her around the playroom (all the while T.G. has on her high heals and carries a white fur-lined purse). It's rather cute! T.G. also likes Dora the Explorer and anything pink. She is starting to become interested in another book character, Fancy Nancy.

T.G. is weighing in at a whopping 25 pounds and is about 32 inches tall. Petite in every way, she tries her best to keep up with her brothers, whom she loves and adores. They love her, too, as evidenced by their nickname for her: "Baby." They don't say it in a mean or condescending way, but in a loving and protective way. It is so sweet to hear and even sweeter when she answers.

Happy Birthday, Baby!