Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Sounds of Silence

The sound of silence, except the television and baby swing in the background, is a welcomed relief. I am exhausted- mentally and physically. We dedicated T.G. at church this morning and held a reception afterwards at our home. We have a brief hiatus until returning back at 5:30pm for Th’s Pee-Wee performance.

Overall it was a great day. Her dedication allowed us to spend time with some family we haven’t seen in over a year. Plus, as an added bonus, TJ agreed to pay for a cleaning service to come and do some “Spring Cleaning” on Thursday before our out-of-town guests arrived. It was wonderful to come home to my ENTIRE house being clean AT THE SAME TIME! That hasn’t happened since we moved in. It takes me 2 days to clean my house, one day per floor.

I am also exhausted from the demands of school. I completed my research paper this past Wednesday and readily handed it in. My class was given an extension until this Monday, but I needed to just be done with it. I am such a type-A personality that I would have read and re-read it, making unnecessary changes and drove myself crazy. I am glad to be done with it!

I was also offered a job on Wednesday. . . sort of. It’s definitely worth looking into, and I’ve been thinking about it since. I am supposed to be graduating soon, but I am prolonging it because I am not ready to be away from kids ALL DAY, which is required the last year of school. I am only taking 2 classes this next school year just to prolong my student observations/teaching semesters. In class on Wednesday, a woman from the Voc Rehab office in Charlotte came and spoke to our class. She asked each of us what our post-graduation plans were, and when I told her nothing, she looked at me in that funny way that everyone does when I tell them I don’t plan to teach.

I always get the same funny look, followed by the same question, “Why are you getting your degree then?” I always give the same reply: “I have 3 kids. I need to be able to support them and myself should something happen to my husband.” Simple. Straight. To the point. Psalms 90:12 says we are to number our days, meaning we never know what tomorrow may bring. We are only guaranteed today. During our break, she asked if I had ever considered being a job coach. Truthfully, no. But after speaking to her I am reconsidering.

I would work with students with disabilities (mental and physical) beginning in 11th grade. I would help them find a job that suits their needs, abilities, interests, and then once secure, help support them in their work. Flexible schedule, plus I can stay with the kids I work with past graduation and into adulthood. She gave me her card and told me to think about it. I will, but like I said, just not now. Now I have to get back to being a mom, wife, and daughter. The house is beginning to stir as sleep gives way to hunger pangs. I am signing off until. . . tomorrow, Lord willing.