Friday, January 25, 2008

Valentine's Day. . .Early!

TJ "casually" questioned me about Valentine's Day while we were playing with the kids last night.

Him: "Do you want your Valentine's gift now?"

Me: Chuckle a bit. "Like you really have one now anyway. It's still 3 weeks away!"

He sits quietly and continues to press buttons on his phone while the kids drive trucks around him.

Me: "Do you really have one already? Wow! I'm impressed!"

He changes the subject and we continue to play with the kids. A while later we trek downstairs for a snack before the kids get ready for a bath.

H: "Would you believe me if I told you we got into the Wilds?" (We were 10th on a waiting list to attend a couples' conference the weekend of Valentine's Day).

M: "No way! I don't believe you! Seriously?"

He proceeds to show me the email on his phone that confirms his statement. Yeah, we got in! I am so excited! The speakers for the retreat are Ron and Shelly Hamilton. Many years ago, Ron lost his eye to cancer and now wears a patch. He took what was a tragic circumstance in his life and used it to bring glory to God. He transformed himself into "Patch the Pirate", and he and his family compose, record, and produce Christian-based music and radio-theater for kids. My children love the Patch CDs, and Th is involved with our church's Patch-the-Pirate program (similar concept to Awana). Anyway, we are going to hear them and as cheesy as this sounds, I hope to get some autographs on our CDs.