Friday, January 25, 2008

Valentine's Day. . .Early!

TJ "casually" questioned me about Valentine's Day while we were playing with the kids last night.

Him: "Do you want your Valentine's gift now?"

Me: Chuckle a bit. "Like you really have one now anyway. It's still 3 weeks away!"

He sits quietly and continues to press buttons on his phone while the kids drive trucks around him.

Me: "Do you really have one already? Wow! I'm impressed!"

He changes the subject and we continue to play with the kids. A while later we trek downstairs for a snack before the kids get ready for a bath.

H: "Would you believe me if I told you we got into the Wilds?" (We were 10th on a waiting list to attend a couples' conference the weekend of Valentine's Day).

M: "No way! I don't believe you! Seriously?"

He proceeds to show me the email on his phone that confirms his statement. Yeah, we got in! I am so excited! The speakers for the retreat are Ron and Shelly Hamilton. Many years ago, Ron lost his eye to cancer and now wears a patch. He took what was a tragic circumstance in his life and used it to bring glory to God. He transformed himself into "Patch the Pirate", and he and his family compose, record, and produce Christian-based music and radio-theater for kids. My children love the Patch CDs, and Th is involved with our church's Patch-the-Pirate program (similar concept to Awana). Anyway, we are going to hear them and as cheesy as this sounds, I hope to get some autographs on our CDs.

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jenn said...

I know you're excited!!! Hope you have a great time!!!

Who's watching the kids?

South Carolina Mom said...

Before we were put on the wait list, we asked both of your parents to watch them (like we did before). Hopefully they are still up to it! If not, I guess they'll be home alone! :) Just kidding! Don't anyone report me to DSS.