Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here We Go Again!

I had T.G. at the doctor again today. Turns out she still has a double ear infection. I left with another prescription. . . and a referral to the E.E.N.T. The doc wanted to begin a series of Rocephin shots on her but I opposed. I went through the same thing with Ta- the series is 1 shot per day for 3 days. The shots did nothing except traumatize Ta. To this day he is petrified of the doctor, even if the appointment is for a sibling. It's the only appointment I don't mind having him with me because he is on his best behavior out of fear of getting a shot! I am waiting to find out when the E.E.N.T. appointment will be.

Also, Ta broke his glasses again. He just got this pair last Thursday, so it hasn't even been a full week. I believe this was pair number 5, and unfortunately his spare pair is broken too. TJ is going to see if he can somehow take parts from both frames to make a complete pair until the new ones arrive. It just really stinks because all of this is happening now, in 2008, when we have to meet our insurance deductible all over again. I guess that's just the way things go. . .