Friday, February 1, 2008

Letters from Home

I made it to see Kaylee. After much indecisiveness because of T.G.'s, TJ's, and now Ta's illnesses, I had difficulty making up my mind about going. I decided this morning and my mom picked T.G. and myself up. We left about noon. Of course, because I was packing at the last minute, I forgot a few things: a stroller, a sippy cup, and my camera. Yep, I can't take any pictures. My mom also forgot her camera. Looks like Erin will have to take pictures and email them to me.

I didn't tell the boys I was going anywhere until just before dropping them off at preschool this morning. I knew they would want to go with me and I didn't feel like arguing with them about it. Plus, once they found out my mom was going to be there, they would've definitely wanted to go with me and it would have been more difficult for me to leave them. Ta was fine. Hugged and kissed me like normal and went on his merry way. Th, on the other hand, understood more of what I was saying and was very teary-eyed and would not let go. His teacher had to pull him off of my arm so I could leave. I hated it, and it reminded of my working days and sending him to daycare.

I left notes in a special place for TJ and the boys to find. They found the notes this afternoon after lunch. Th felt left out because he found Ta's and TJ's immediately. I put his in a little more difficult place to find, but I knew he could do it. I talked to them before they went to bed and Th told me he liked his note. TJ emailed and shared this with me about putting the boys to bed:

"I just heard Th get up, I went up stairs and he was sneaking back up in his bed. I saw his hand, and he was up getting the note you left him. He is lying in his bed looking at it. I could not yell at him for getting up."

Am I glad I took the extra time to write the notes instead of worrying if I packed everything? You betcha! As much as I was looking forward to seeing Kaylee, I miss my family so much!