Friday, March 23, 2007

What Can Brown Do for You?

Well, it finally arrived yesterday - TJ’s long awaited birthday gift.

He ordered it Sunday evening and all week has been checking the front porch in case I happened to be upstairs and missed the UPS man.

I was sitting on the couch nursing the baby while Th was playing with the dogs. I heard the rumble coming down the road but didn't think anything of it. The UPS man drove, well, sped is probably a more accurate description, past my house and I watched him as I do every weekday. Suddenly, I heard the familiar warning beep as the truck began to go in reverse. He stopped in front of my house and I scrambled to get myself in a position to open the front door.

About that time, the dogs noticed we had company and jumped on Th, scratching him with their claws. He screamed and scared the baby, who, by the way, was mad because I had to stop nursing. At that point I had 2 barking dogs, 2 screaming kids, and my bra was not latched because I was trying to handle all the other commotion and didn't get around to latching it properly. Also, all that noise woke Ta and I could hear him crying through the baby monitor. It was no wonder the UPS man took one look inside my crazy house and decided he'd be better off leaving the package on the porch!

After the dogs calmed down, Th stopped screaming, and the baby was latched on to me again, I was able to have Th bring the package inside for me. He so desperately wanted to open it, but it was not addressed to him. It was what TJ had been waiting for, and I knew that because Penny's was printed all over the outer wrap.

So what was it, you ask?

It was the Rowenta "Focus" iron. TJ has been dreaming of this iron for a very long time and he finally received enough Penny's gift cards for his birthday to purchase it. After opening it, he permitted me to touch it, and I must say it is a very nice iron. I thought I would pass out last night because he actually read the little booklet that came with it!

This is the man who wouldn't read an instruction manual if his life depended on it, BUT, he is very gifted and usually doesn’t need to spend the time. He figures out whatever it is we're trying to do by the time I even get the instructions un-taped and out of the plastic that manufacturers insist on wrapping them in. Sometimes it seems the instructions are packaged better than the item they go with- go figure!

Oh, he used it this morning to iron his shirt and I am happy to say, he was not disappointed!