Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, T.G.!

T.G., I had no idea how being your mom would be such a blessing! You are a sweet, kind, caring girl who loves her baby sisters so much. God has given you a nurturing spirit, and you do it so well! You are helpful, especially when it relates to babies, cleaning, or cooking. I can already tell you will be a GREAT mommy when you get older! :)

You have your own ideas regarding fashion and clothing, and your favorite color continues to be pink. If you had it your way, you'd wear pink from head to toe every day of your life! You also have an expressed opinion about hair styles and how you want to wear yours each day, and you refuse to have your hair cut except for an occasional trim. I am amazed that you don't mind it so long (it's almost to the bottom of your back) but it is absolutely beautiful, especially when you wear it down. We have had to start conditioning it daily in order to be able to brush it in the mornings, and you LOVE that you get to use grown-up conditioner. :)

This past spring you participated on your first organized sports team and played T-ball. You loved it, although at first you weren't so sure! You were affectionately called "Princess Pink" by your coaches because you wore pink shoes, had a pink glove, and wore pink pants with a matching hairbow to practice each day (your choice). You had fun and we enjoyed watching your skills improve over the course of the season. 

You still like 'Hello Kitty' and the Disney Princesses, however this year your interests have expanded to include 'Strawberry Shortcake'. You enjoy coloring and puzzles, and are now able to complete advanced puzzles with more than 350+ pieces. I am astonished at your ability to simply look at a stray puzzle piece and know which puzzle it goes with. You are doing great with your phonics and letter recognition, and have even started reading a few words (which is pretty exciting!).

I can't wait to see how you change over this next year, especially with us having a new baby soon.  You are excited about sharing your room, although I think it will be challenging for you to get used to not having your own space anymore. I love you so much, T.G., and I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with you!!

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