Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update #3 on Erin

Sorry for not updating sooner but I really had no news to share until last night when I spoke to my mom.

Erin is still about the same. While my mom was visiting yesterday, the internal medicine doctor (who is overseeing the entire team of doctors caring for Erin) came in to say he was releasing the infectious disease doctors and adding an oncologist. He does not believe Erin has cancer of any type, but he wanted some tests run to simply rule it out. Makes sense and we (my mom, sis, and I) feel better knowing that EVERY possible test has been done to figure out what’s wrong with her.

So, more biopsies this morning of her lymph nodes (when she had the CT scan the other day, they found some that were enlarged but still within the “normal” range) and more waiting for results. However, the rheumatologist (specializes in Rheumatoid Arthritis) came in last night and said he is about 75% sure Erin has lupus. The preliminary tests all point in that direction, but again, more blood tests are needed and hence, more waiting for results. In the meantime, she was put back on a steroid and today her fever is gone.

That is the latest news on her. Kaylee is taking a bottle well and has been sleeping through the night. She is going to visit with her other grandparents over the weekend so hopefully her routine won’t be too jolted by being in a different environment.

Again, thank you for the prayers and emails (sorry I haven't responded personally to each of them, but I do appreciate them)! Please continue to pray, especially as we are so close to finally knowing what is causing the fevers.

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