Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update #2 on Erin

Erin is about the same. Still running a high fever despite being on a different antibiotic. She had her biopsy taken from two different places on her arm and has stitches at both places. She said they don't hurt but she's been on Tylenol for her fever so I think that may be masking some of the pain. She also had a CT scan done last night and received the results today. Thankfully my mom was there when the doctor came in so she could ask questions.

Everything on the scan looked good (mainly her lymph nodes were checked to rule out lymphoma) but he saw that her lungs are beginning to collapse from the bottom up because they are not filling to capacity. The doctor explained that when a person breaths while standing and walking around, the lungs are able to fully expand. But, when a person is sitting or laying for extended amounts of time, the lungs cannot get as much air as needed and carbon dioxide builds up. So, Erin will now be placed on oxygen while she is in her room in order to replace the carbon dioxide. It won't be continuous, but rather she has to do 10 breathing treatments per day.

The doctor also said they are waiting for the doctor where she lives to fax them information from her chart, and not to expect the results of any of the tests they performed yesterday until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. In the meantime she is to rest in her room.

The Red Cross was notified and the paperwork has been approved for her husband Paul to come from Iraq to be with Erin. He was able to phone her room last night and she told him not to come until the doctors at least know what's wrong with her, which I think was a smart move. We are praying whatever is wrong is something simple and once the doctors figure it out, it can be easily treated. Plus, I know if Paul does come home, it will be harder for the both of them when he has to leave again.

That's the latest news on Erin. I appreciate the prayers and emails I have received. Please continue to pray and I will continue to update.

Update #1

I had my scholarship luncheon today but I will post about that at a later time. I am still fighting my cold and I feel like I have been hit in the head by a truck. I am heading to bed!

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