Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update #4 on Erin

Erin is doing okay. She went off the intravenous steroid and started an oral steroid yesterday for her lupus (although she hasn’t officially received a diagnosis, they are treating it as such). So far she can’t really tell a difference but it’s probably because the stronger intravenous steroid is still in her blood system.

She also began physical and occupational therapy on Friday. She has lost so much weight (about 15 pounds) from a combination of not eating or exercising her major muscle groups and just laying in bed. My mom walks with her when she comes to visit to try to strengthen her muscles and lungs, but Erin is so weak that she has to stop to rest often. She can only make it a distance of about 7 feet before she has to stop, and only gets about 30 feet before she has to turn around and go back to her bed.

Paul, her husband, flew in from Iraq today so he came to see her for about 3 hours. She was excited to see him and he’ll be able to stay for 2 weeks. Erin got the okay to see Kaylee on Friday but Paul’s mom (Beth) doesn’t drive and doesn’t have a license so poor Erin had to wait until yesterday. She was so depressed on Friday after receiving the good news that she could see Kaylee, but Beth and Paul’s dad had already picked up Kaylee from my mom and Beth didn’t have a ride to the hospital. My mom was upset because if Kaylee was still with her, she would have brought her up as soon as Erin called to tell her the news. Regardless, Erin got to hold her a little bit (she is very weak so it was hard for her to hold the wiggle worm!) but at least she got to see her. Erin said she looks like she’s gained 5 pounds, but I think that’s because Erin hasn’t seen her in a week.

The doctor did not come in at all yesterday but tonight he told Erin she was going off the IV tomorrow. He wants to see how well she eats/drinks on her own. If she does okay, the earliest she’ll be released is Tuesday, but probably Wednesday. She needs to regain some strength. Even her voice sounds weak, and with my bad hearing, we’ve had a time trying to talk to each other. I know she gets annoyed with me always saying “What?”, but that’s par for the course with me! :0

I received some more emails this weekend and I thank you for your support and prayers. My friend Chelsea is going to hopefully get up to the hospital for a visit. Chelsea, let me know how she looks. I have a feeling my mom is not being 100% honest with me so I don’t worry too much!

That’s the latest update. Pray Erin regains some strength, eats some food, and does well on the oral steroid. Also pray the results would come in from all of her blood tests, biopsies, and scans so we can get some more definitive answers. The not knowing has been more difficult to handle because the doctors don’t really know what to treat for.

*I am thankful for friends who care for me and my family as much as their own. I am more thankful for the friendship of one particular person over the last 15 years (you know who you are!) and for her love of Christ. I saw Jesus in her, and I hope others see Jesus in me as a result.*

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