Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is my 9 year anniversary. Happy Anniversary, TJ!

I received the sweetest card and hand-written note from him. Here is a little excerpt from the note:

You have given me 3 1/2 children and I am truly thankful. God
placed us in California on that day when we met for a reason,
He had a plan for us and we are still learning what that plan is. I
thank God for you and my children and how fortunate I really am.

Are those not the most heartfelt words you have ever read? TJ is not the mushy type, so for him to write this to me, it really means a lot.

We did not exchange gifts because we are planning to make a major purchase sometime in the near future, and that will be our gift to each other (and our kids). However, I would still like to go out for dinner (thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and recommendations- I appreciate it!) and that's always a nice break. So often we hire a sitter to come but it's usually for me to go to appointments alone or take one of the kids somewhere. Rarely do TJ and I get to go out alone; I can't think of the last time we had a date night.

Well, I am off to clean my house a little bit this morning before we head over to a friend's house for lunch. My MIL is coming over to spend the night and I need to get ready for her visit. I was going to clean up last night but while we were leaving church to come home, I started having severe contractions that lasted all night. Some brought tears to my eyes and it was to the point that they only stopped when I was perfectly still. The moment I got up or changed positions they started again. TJ was a little worried but I told him if they didn't stop by this morning, I'd make an appointment to see the doctor. I didn't sleep well because whenever I changed positions I'd have one, but so far this morning I haven't had any. We'll see how the day goes.

*I am thankful for 9 years of marriage. I am thankful for the trying times that made us stronger and brought us closer together, and for the blissful times that made us appreciate each other more.*

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