Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy Bag Activities

I recently joined a subgroup of my homeschool group in which we make and swap activity bags. The activities contained in each bag are geared for preschool/kindergarten-aged children, but honestly, all of my children LOVE to do them.  Each activity is supposed to entertain the child for approximately 20 minutes; however, depending on the age/skill level of the child and the type of activity, it could take him/her longer to complete the task. 

I currently have about a dozen different activities that range from easy to difficult. They also include tasks that focus on fine motor skills, counting/numeracy, letters/phonics, and logic. I like them in that Annie all the way up through Th enjoy doing them, and it gives me a chance to prepare supper, throw in a load of laundry, or do whatever (like use the bathroom alone!) while they are ALL occupied at the same time.   

I am in the midst of another swap so by the end of next week I will have another 18 activities to add to my collection. I keep some of the activities in the car for when we go places where the children have to wait (i.e. doctor’s appointments, restaurants). I have also started making some to give away as gifts to those with young(er) children. With 5 kids, it seems like one of my children gets invited to a birthday party at least once a month. With Christmas quickly approaching and a super-tight budget, these homemade gifts are the perfect gift for my younger nieces/nephews! 

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