Saturday, August 28, 2010

Homeschooling- Week 1

Okay, I gotta tell you, I really like homeschooling. We just completed our first "full" week of school, and at times it was challenging, but we did it! It is obviously a learning process for both Th and myself as we figure out the best way to do school while my girls, particularly Teagan, are home with us, but we're getting there. Thankfully he enjoys school and overall Th has an easy-going personality so he doesn't mind when I switch things up a bit. But, Friday's routine seemed to work the best with having the girls home with us so that is what I will do on the days they don't attend preschool. Plus, on the mornings they do attend preschool, I think Th and I will be able to move through the material quicker since we won't have the distractions of an almost 4- and 2-year-old. Hopefully we can get ahead on those days and, if needed, relax a bit on the others.

Our first field trip is scheduled for October 1st. We are going to a local historical farm and homestead where a Revolutionary War veteran once lived. While there, Th will participate in a simulated 1840s school day. He has to dress and bring a lunch similar to the time period. Before he goes, we have some work to do to prepare him for his lessons while at the schoolhouse. He can't wait to get started! He is so excited, especially because in history right now we are studying the foundation of America and he loves it! This field trip is the "icing on the cake" for him! He is going with 10 other homeschoolers so for all of you "what-about-the-socialization" part of homeschooling- no worries! =)

Honestly though, the best part of homeschooling is the time we are spending together. He is learning, I know that, but we also talk and interact and just spend time together that we otherwise would not get. Anyone with more than 1 child knows how difficult it is to spend time alone with each child, and homeschooling is affording me that precious time. They are only little for a short time so I am thankful that, before I set him loose in the "real world," I have time to prepare him to be a godly man and husband to his future wife. Seems far off but I know that day will be here all too soon.

As you think of it, please pray for us. Pray that we would continue to enjoy each other's company and that this academic year is successful. Homeschooling has been my heart's desire for some time, so thank the Lord for allowing the difficult circumstances last year to prepare me for this year.

*Psalm 37:4- "Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart."

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And along comes three... said...

Looks like you're doing a fabulous job Terra!

Simply A Farmer's Wife said...

Terra, you are amazing! We were talking about homeschooling last night. Our public schools aren't the greatest so we've always just assumed we would put our child in a private Christian academy but something made us think of homeschooling. Not sure if I'm cut out for it though. Looking forward to taking the journey with you!