Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday, Th!

Today is Th's birthday. I can't believe how quickly the years have passed since the Lord blessed us with him.

Some hallmarks to his last year include:
  • entering and successfully completing kindergarten in public school

  • growing tall enough to ride some of the "big" rides at Carowinds

  • learning to read and enjoying it, especially when reading to his brother or sister

  • figuring out to spell words when TJ and I don't want the kids to know what we're talking about :)

  • a growing imagination that impresses me each time he uses it

We are probably one of the few families who does not own a video game system. I am not into video games, and neither is TJ, so that has never really been a desire for us. Plus, I limit their television viewing each day. As a result, the kids play more and use their imaginations more. My boys love to build things, and play so well together for the most part. Th is able to see something in his mind and construct it out of blocks, train tracks, Lego's, or blankets. He takes after me in that aspect (I am a very visual person- I see things in my mind and remember things by taking a "picture". This has come in very handy, especially when driving. I remember how landmarks look. If I misplace something, I also remember where items are located based on how they look. It's hard to explain). Anyway, this year he has invented so many really cool things (his latest is a bunk bed set that has a crib on the bottom- how wonderful if that were true!) it amazes me. Sometimes he puts his inventions on paper for me to save. I like when he does that because they really are good ideas and well thought out.

He is kind and tenderhearted, and has a burden for our unsaved family members. He prays for them on a regular basis, and he wants to be a missionary when he gets older. He just completed a bible study so that he can get baptized as that is something he has wanted to do for a long time. He truly understands salvation and shares it with others, something I need to learn from his example.

I pray the Lord will continue to work in his young life, molding and shaping him into whatever the Lord would have him do. He is growing into a godly young man and I thank the Lord for that, and am thankful for our church for equipping TJ and I to raise our family according to God's word.

*I am thankful for Th and love him dearly.*

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Happy Birthday Thomas.