Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jaundice Update

Teagan is doing better with her jaundice. Her levels were down on Friday but rather than taking her off the bilibed now and risking her levels rising again, the doc kept her on the lights through the weekend. I have to take her back tomorrow afternoon and will more than likely return the bed.

Yesterday and today have been the first we've been able to really hold her and love on her. Because of the jaundice, she had to be on the bed except for feedings. Thankfully she has taken a bottle fine (unlike T.G.) so TJ has been helping with feedings in the middle of the night. I have been nursing around 11ish, then he gets the 1ish feeding, and I get the 3 and 5ish feedings. But, since it was the weekend, I also got to sleep in until 8:30 so I don't really mind.

The bilibed has been a mixed blessing. Teagan is my first child who hasn't slept with us in the beginning. I have always had the baby in bed with us to make nursing in the middle of the night easier (I have a co-sleeper so it's safe for the baby to be with us). Since she couldn't be off the lights for long, she nurses and gets put back on them, meaning we sleep better because we don't have the co-sleeper in between us. She also doesn't have to be nursed back to sleep; I can put her down even if she's still awake. I hope she continues to be so content once we give the bed back!

Still no pictures- I have been crazy busy with school and writing papers and lesson plans. I am teaching full-time this week and I have to submit my lesson plans 2 days prior to implementing the lesson, meaning I had to have one finished today and another one finished by Tuesday. I also have some midterms next week (3 to be exact!) that I need to find time to study for. Life is just all around crazy!

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