Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Over

My speech went well, and I was surprised at the turnout. There were about 150 people in attendance. I was the second speaker, and was scheduled to speak after lunch. I finished my meal and excused myself to the restroom. On the way back into the room, I quickly phoned TJ and he prayed with me to help calm my nerves. As soon as I opened the doors to the dining room, all eyes were on me- it was my turn! I promise you I wasn’t out of the room for more than 5 minutes, but apparently the first speaker gave her speech as soon as soon as I left. I was so embarrassed!

At the end of the presentation, several people came up to me and congratulated me. It was nice to have the support of so many, especially because a few of them didn’t even know me. I even received an email from a current classmate this afternoon congratulating and thanking me for giving such an inspirational speech (I didn’t think it was very inspirational). It was also nice to see some former professors, classmates, and friends who, because of our crazy schedules, I haven’t seen in a while. And, because I’m such a perfectionist, I woke up last night replaying my speech in my head and the parts I would have done better. Crazy, I know. I just wish TJ could have been there with me for moral support and to meet/greet everyone afterwards. He has been such a huge support system for me that I realize I couldn’t have gotten this far without his help. My success is his success, and I want others to know that. There is no way I could have completed my degree on my own; it is by the grace of God and TJ’s support that have helped me to achieve my goals.

Changing gears, Th has his birthday party today. He is very excited and was up at 6:15am (although that’s what time he wakes every day). We were able to get a sitter for T.G. so TJ and I can enjoy the party without having to entertain her.

Again switching topics, I went back to the doctor last Wednesday. I am still dilated the same (2+ cm) but my cervix is 50% effaced (changed from 20% last week) so he thinks it will be sometime before this next Wednesday. I hope so! I am so ready to bring this baby home and establish a routine. Currently, I have to plan every day as if I’m not returning at night. I have to make sure all the details are handled to make it easier for TJ and/or a sitter. It requires lots of planning and preparing, and it is tiring. Plus, I am trying to keep the house picked up so that when I do spend time in the hospital, hopefully things won’t be too messed up when I get home. Hey, a girl can dream, right? Along with all of the preparing, I still have tons of schoolwork. I am looking forward to spending time in the hospital simply to catch up on reading many chapters from various textbooks.

It’s time to get my day going. I need to get things together for the sitter for T.G., shower, and pick up around here. I’ll try and post pictures from the party later this afternoon.

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