Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another update

We came home yesterday because Teagan's levels were below the 75th percentile. However, we took her back to the doctor today and she is now on photo-therapy at home because her levels have risen. It's the same type of bed as the one in the hospital, only we are at home instead of in-patient. She goes back for another re-check Friday morning. Hopefully she'll be better and we won't have to get more aggressive with her treatment. I know jaundice is common but I've never had to treat any of my kids like this, and they've all had it. It's a little scary because it's new, but I totally trust my doctor and her judgement.

*I am thankful to have a pediatrician that my family loves- mom and kids, both!*

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the birth of Teagan. I love her name by the way! She is just gorgeous and we will be praying for her and your family!

Eversole Crew said...

Congratulations again! Best of luck with the jaundice...CR had it very badly too. It is very frustrating. Hang in there!