Monday, August 18, 2008

Time Flies!

I haven’t updated in a few days but we’ve been busy. Saturday morning I got up early and T.G. and I left the house to run some errands before a friend of mine from church came over with her kids. I had asked her a while ago to paint a border on my chalk board (like back in January when TJ got the stuff to make it) but because the board wasn’t made, she obviously couldn’t do it. In the meantime we had asked my MIL to paint it, but she rarely comes out here and when she does visit, it would be difficult for her to paint because of the kids (just so you know, I don't mean that in a negative way. I'm simply saying we usually go to my inlaws instead of them coming here.) As it so happened, my friend’s husband is going through some financial struggles (he is an accountant for a real estate company- with the bad housing market, his hours have been cut in half) so I mentioned it to her again, offering to pay her a small fee. She offered to do it for free, but I couldn’t allow her to spend the time and materials on it for nothing. It took her about 2 hours, and it turned out SOOO cute! I love it! Plus, her kids entertained my kids for a little while, allowing TJ to get some stuff done outside while I supervised the kiddos playing.

Saturday evening we went out to supper with some other friends, and then went back to their house to play games and watch the Olympics. We had such a nice time. They are Christians, too, and at dinner, without being asked or prompted or anything, my friend’s husband prayed for our meal. This was the first time we have been out with them, so we weren’t really sure how they would handle prayer before the meal. We pray at restaurants, so TJ was prepared to say the blessing for us all. It was a nice surprise to have my friend’s husband pray.

Sunday was spent at church and resting. TJ and I didn’t get home until after midnight on Saturday, and then I had to take our sitter home, so it was close to 1am before I got to bed. I have been having difficulty sleeping, and Friday night was up until close to 2am. I was exhausted when we got home from church yesterday, but I needed to clear off my bed before I could nap. I had piled up clothes and bedding for Taco. I put the sheets on the crib mattress and got the bumper up, the mobile put together and hung, and then placed all the clean clothes back in the crib for storage until we get a dresser. I laid down about 2pm and didn’t wake until almost 3:30pm. That was a nice, well-deserved break! When I woke, it was time to get supper going and get ready to head back to church.

Today was spent ironing clothes (yes, I used the infamous iron!) for when I begin my Field Experience. I hate ironing, and although TJ does the ironing for me if I ask him, I just figured I had the time and might as well do it. So, I got all of my dress clothes ironed and ready-to-wear for school. I also ran some more errands and picked up some shorts for both T.G. and Th on clearance. Each of them only had 3 pair of shorts that were nice enough to wear in public! :)

Th had Open House night at his school so we went and saw his classroom, met his assistant teacher, and some other kids in his class. The school staggers start dates, so for the first week, only the kindergarten students attend. Then, next week, the 4-year-olds begin, and the week after is when the 3-year-olds begin. Th is very nervous about beginning a new school with new kids, which is understandable considering he has spent the past 4 years at the same preschool. Although the teacher changed each year, he still knew all the teachers and most of the kids in his class. He doesn’t know anyone this year, the school is obviously much bigger, and more is to be expected from him. I know he’ll do fine, and I’m glad it will be only the kindergarten students the first week (as there are only 6 kindergarten students in his class). I have a surprise for him tomorrow night that I hope will cheer him up. I love books, and my kids love books, and we give books as gifts to most everyone we know. I bought him a book, called “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn. It’s about a mother sending her son to school for the first time. We’ve read it before, but maybe because he owns it, he’ll remember it on Wednesday when I kiss him goodbye.

After Open House, TJ and I took him out to dinner (his choice- Ryan’s) and then we went shopping for a dresser. We finally agreed on one AND purchased it. It’s sitting in my garage waiting to be assembled. We’ll see how long it takes for that to happen! LOL! (just kidding, T).

Tomorrow we are headed to the pool for one last summer swim. I also have to go the pottery place because Th is having his birthday party there. He needs to pick out the piece that he wants to have everyone paint. He is looking forward to his party, and after we pick out the pottery piece, we can decide on a party theme. He is considering a cowboy theme, but he can’t decide between that or a construction party. Oh, to have those types of dilemmas as the sole focus of my life! :)

*I am thankful for opportunities to spend time alone with each of my children. Their personalities are so different and unique, and one-on-one time affords me an inside look at the individual child, focusing solely on his/her needs.*

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