Monday, August 11, 2008

What Size?

I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine on Saturday, so Friday was spent preparing for it. During the shower, TJ took the boys to Carowinds and T.G. stayed home with me. It turned out really nice, and was actually very relaxing even though I was on my feet most of the day.

After the shower, I questioned TJ about his school load this week (this is his final week for the summer term) because I need him to help me move furniture, get boxes of clothes, etc. He looked at me funny, and I gently reminded him that we are having another baby in less than 2 months, although odds are in 1 month. He sort of went into panic mode and, while I went grocery shopping with Th and T.G., he rearranged the bedroom furniture, set up the crib, rummaged through through the attic and brought all the boxes down that I needed, and vacuumed the bedroom after moving everything. I was shocked that he managed to accomplish so much in an hour and a half!

So, I spent today washing clothes for Ta and packing up his size 24month/2T clothes. I will do the same tomorrow for Th, although he doesn't have much that needs to be washed, only what was purchased new for school (Ta had 3 boxes worth of clothes that were being stored in the attic so I had to wash all of them). Then, Wednesday I'll do the same for the new baby, although for the time being the clothes will be stored in the crib. We need to get a dresser, and we went looking tonight, but we did not agree on anything. TJ offered to look on the Internet for something. I don't care as long as I have a dresser so I can put the baby in the crib when s/he comes home from the hospital.

From being on my feet all day Saturday and again today, my lower back and hips are bothering me. Once I sit down, it's difficult to get back up. My hip feels like it goes out of socket, and I have to limp the first few steps I take until my hip adjusts itself. I took a bath tonight to try to ease some of the pain, but it only made it worse. I am going to take some Tylenol and head to the couch for a few minutes before bed.

I probably won't post tomorrow, so have a great week!

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