Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Fun

This is my favorite time of year! My town has a 10-day celebration of spring each year, and there are daily activities for people of all ages. The event begins with a parade through the streets of downtown, and we walked in the parade with the MOMS Club for the second year in a row last night. The kids had so much fun! There were some really funny moments involving issues with other moms/kids, but all-in-all everyone survived the approximately 1.5 mile walk down the parade route and made memories to last a lifetime. I look forward to enjoying some other events over the weekend and next week.

The beginning of spring also means the semester is coming to an end. I had my last day of teaching my student with autism (Adam) yesterday. It was sort of bitter-sweet. I am glad to see the close of the school year, but I had so much fun working with Adam and learned so much about myself as a teacher. It makes me excited about this final year beginning in the fall; I will be putting into practice all that I have been taught, and it will definitely be a challenge. I have a few more loose ends to finish up for my classes, and I have to teach a science lesson on the 28th, but I am looking forward to it. Then finals begin and I am looking forward to getting those over with!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and scheduled my ultrasound for next month. I am still not sure if we'll find out what we're having; I have a month to decide. I just found out that a friend of mine in the MOMS Club who is pregnant (due in early September) is having another girl- that's exciting for her as she will have 4 girls! Our families spend time together outside of the Club, so it's fun being pregnant at the same time because our kids will grow up together.

Th has his first baseball game tomorrow. He is excited, but even more excited for when my parents and sister come in a couple of weeks so they can watch him play. I guess along with the nice weather comes a busier time in our lives, but it's a good busy where we are able to be outside enjoying the weather and each other's company. Isn't that what life is all about?

I wrote the above while I had a few minutes before class started this morning. When I got home, the mail had already been delivered. Guess what arrived today? A letter from the Montessori school detailing a Kindergarten Transition Night that is planned at the school next week! We haven't received an acceptance letter yet so I called the school to find out if this meant Th was accepted, and the secretary said she was told to mail the letters out to all incoming kindergarten students! Yeah!! What a blessing!

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Carole said...

Awesome...looks like you guys had a blast...and the end of school is so in sight! Thinking of you.