Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a week!

First, let me begin with the news about Kiana. Her mass is pretty much gone with only a small, residual spot remaining. The doctor is confident it was an infection in her bone and contributed to the pain in her hind legs. She probably got some type of puncture wound (from a stick or something) that was too small for us to notice, causing it to become infected. The vet took her off her arthritis medication because her hips look better, too. We have to monitor her behavior over the next 2 weeks to determine if the pain was mainly caused by arthritis or the infection. If she begins to show signs of pain, we'll put her back on the medication. That was a huge answer to prayer and I thank God for teaching us the lessons we learned but also sparing her life (at this point).

Second, Paul made it safely to Iraq on Wednesday. He called my sister and has emailed a couple of times. She seems to be doing okay, but is dreading returning home to an empty apartment. I don't blame her! Kaylee is sick and has been fighting a cold since she arrived. Erin was going to leave today to get her in to the doctor but I convinced her to stay until tomorrow morning. I'm glad she's here and we've been able to spend some time together. The baby is adorable and has changed since I saw her 6 weeks ago. The most noticeable change is her weight gain. She eats as much as Ta did when he was a baby. My poor sister is constantly nursing, but she handles it well and doesn't seem to mind. The baby slept through the night for the first time while here, so Erin is hoping that will continue once she returns home. Kaylee is also smiling now, and it just melts my heart when I am able to make her smile. Ta and T.G. are both captivated by her and just love to hold her. I guess it's good preparation for when our new baby arrives in the fall.

We went to the zoo on Friday and had a great time. The weather was gorgeous (almost 80 degrees!) and the kids had a blast. The animals were active and fun to watch. The highlight were the bears playing together. The boys watched them for a good bit before I ushered them on to the next exhibit. It was so cute to watch them wrestling, and a good visual reminder of their strength and power. They were both up on hind legs fighting, one had the other's ear in it's mouth. I think I got a good picture of it but I'm not sure. My camera battery is dead so I'll have to post the pictures at a later date.

Busy week ahead as I finish up some assignments in preparation for the Wilds family camp this weekend and Ta's surgery next Monday. TJ's grandparents are traveling here from PA to join us at the camp, and the kids are very excited about it (as are we!). Until next time, have a great week!


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