Monday, February 18, 2008

The Wilds

What a weekend! TJ and I had such an awesome time! We learned so much about being better spouses to each other, but also I was able to get God's view regarding my pregnancy. That alone made the trip worthwhile!

Friday night Ron, Shelly, and 3 of their children sang for us. It was amazing! They are such a talented family. We sang a few Patch songs, including the motions, and that was a blast! The kids sang together, Ron and Shelly sang together, and they sang as a family. The feelings were like those of seeing your favorite group perform. Our kids (Th mostly) were upset that they couldn’t go with us to meet Patch the Pirate, but we bought them a new CD and had the Hamilton’s autograph it for them. Plus, we had our picture taken with them, so the boys were thrilled with that.

Saturday morning at breakfast Ron and Shelly came and ate with us at our table. It was so neat to hear them talk about their work, and of course we piqued their brains about their favorite Patch CD and why (and that is the one we bought the kids). Then the men and women split up and each group was led by either Ron or Shelly. Shelly gave all the women a 30-day devotional she wrote on being a better wife. It is in-works of becoming a bound book, so I was happy to have received it free of charge! She also plans to write more on the subjects of being a friend, sister, and mother. I can’t wait until those come out!

Since I am expecting I didn’t go on the Giant Swing, but I did torture myself and go on the Land Trolley. It is a cable strung across a mountain that you go down on a pulley. It’s awesome, but I am terrified of heights! TJ laughed because I not only did it once, but twice! Both times the man at the top of the tower had to push me to get me off the platform (it’s a straight fall down the side of a mountain!), but once I got going, I was fine.

We are going back for a weekend family camp in April, and I can’t wait. The kids are excited for that, as well. TJ’s grandparents from PA are meeting us there, and it will be so fun to spend the weekend with them there. I encourage you to check out the website and look into going for an event. You do not need to go with a group (we went as individuals) and I promise you, the money spent is well worth it! You will not be disappointed, and God does an amazing work while you are there!!

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