Friday, January 18, 2008

Homeopathic Remedies?

I know about AD/HD. I know about the symptoms and treatment options. I have studied and even worked with kids who have this exceptionality. And I know Th does not, although he does have the hyperactivity part down to a 'T'.

Th has an excellent attention span for a 5 year old. He can sit and draw or color for a good 45 minutes to an hour. He does not have trouble watching television (unfortunately!) or a movie, nor playing games. He likes to read books and have books read to him. But, he is constantly moving while he does all of these activities. I never worried before because I just knew that he was an active child. I am not really worried now, either, but I am becoming more concerned, especially the closer he gets to entering kindergarten.

His current preschool teacher has even talked to me about it, especially because it has gotten worse since returning from the Christmas break. She, too, agrees that he is just an extremely active child and so far it is not disrupting her teaching (he goes crazy during other times of the day, like during free time), but at the same time, he needs to learn to calm down, especially when playing indoors. I have the same trouble at home (too wild inside). Getting outside does help some, but he could have been playing outside for 2 hours and have just as much energy as he did when he first went out.

Working in the public schools and studying the many disabilities that face children today, I am almost certain that his teacher next year will refer me to have him tested. Now, I know I am reaching well into the future, but trust me on this one. As much as I am for testing and diagnosis and treatment, I know my child better than anyone. I know he displays only one characteristic, yet it is becoming more difficult for him to "hide". Before, it was easier for his teachers (and me as his mom) to attribute his enthusiasm for life to his age. However, he is getting older and should be calming down more, especially as his ability to attend to activities lengthens. I guess I am just concerned that he won't have a teacher who will appreciate his zeal for life and instead focus on the negative: that he is constantly moving and excited to be alive.

If you've ever spent any length of time with him, you'll agree that he is a great kid who aims to please. But, at the same time, he never tires, leaving me exhausted at the end of the day. Does anyone have any advice as far as foods to try/avoid that may help to calm him down just a bit? I don't want to crush his excitement for life, just perhaps help him display it in a different manner.

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