Tuesday, October 2, 2007

God's Plan- Revised

Well, apparently we are in for the long haul. The stomach bug has claimed another victim- T.G. I now have Ta and T.G. who can't keep anything down, and I feel nauseous myself.

Poor Ta, after getting another bath this afternoon because he vomited all over the kitchen floor (again!) said to me, "Me need medicine for my mouth. No more throw up. Me not like it."

Have you ever seen your heart crumble right in front of your eyes? I did after hearing that comment. I can't give him anything for I fear it would only make him vomit more. And poor T.G.! She doesn't know what's happening, and unfortunately I can't predict when it will happen, either. She got me, the playroom floor, and the hall floor all before I realized she was actually vomiting and not just "spitting up". Duh!

James 1:2, "Count it all joy. . ."

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to learn kindness and compassion as I watch them suffer.

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