Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Time Such as This

I am writing to ask for prayer for me. Compared to what my friend Carrie and many others have recently experienced, my request is very minor. However, it is causing me stress and anxiety, and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed. The next week is very busy for me both as a wife/mom and student.

We are celebrating Th’s birthday at preschool tomorrow so I need to bake cookies to bring in the morning. Before going to preschool, however, I have a MOMS Club meeting and it is my turn to bring snacks, so I also have to bake a breakfast cake to share. I have to be at a local middle school tomorrow afternoon to teach an adapted physical education class to 4 students with disabilities. Tomorrow is my first day with this, so I am a little nervous about meeting the students and planning activities for them. Friday morning I have my weekly MOMS Club Bible study, and Friday afternoon TJ and I are leaving for our couple’s retreat. I still need to complete my lesson and make the handouts for Bible study. To prepare for going away, I have laundry and packing for us and Th, as he is staying with my dad-in-law. I also have to clean my house because my mom-in-law is coming to stay here with Ta and T.G. I have a test Monday morning that I need to find time to study for, and a group project I need to work on for Wednesday. To add to my load, TJ is working crazy hours because some new equipment arrived that was back-ordered. It needs to be assembled and computers and other electronic equipment installed. . . in 33 classrooms. I am now temporarily a single parent until he finishes all of his stuff at work for the next 2 days. I also have to go to the grocery store, and you know how it is when you have to take your children to the grocery store. I'd rather have my teeth pulled out one at a time without novacaine while sitting atop a pile of burning ash rather than take all 3 of my kids to the grocery store, but that's another story.

So, above is my “To Do” list for the next 5 days. Here are specific ways you can pray:
· A good night’s rest so I can wake refreshed, ready to serve the Lord
· Clarity of thought so I can prioritize my list
· Patience and self-control as I care for my children amidst my craziness
· Time to complete all of my tasks
· For me to remember not to worry (Matt. 6:34)

Thank you so much, and if I don’t write here in a few days and you're wondering why, re-read the above post.

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jenn said...

I posted a picture of TG on my site last night, and in it she looks exactly like you! What do you think??

Hope you had a good time without the kids!

Carole said...

Remembering you in my prayers. I don't think any request is minor in the eyes of God. Praying for strength to get through this week and that you may do so as stress free as possible.