Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Date Night

I'm still here. I have been busy with school, and this past Saturday TJ and I went on a "date" to Carowinds. A girl from our church offered to babysit free of charge, so TJ and I took advantage of her offer and spent a couple of hours getting back in touch with each other and our childhood.

We had such a good time! We went on rides that we hadn't been on before, even testing some rides for future trips with Th. When we left the park, we went to dinner and shopping for a birthday gift for Th. It was pleasant, yet very strange to be out and about without a stroller, diaper bag, or even kids for that matter! It was such a blessing and I am so thankful for this girl's attitude of service. We've not been out together alone in over a year (not even for dinner)! I am looking forward to our overnight getaway coming up in a couple of weeks!

I am still working on finishing my "life story". I like to work off-line but I have several papers, tests, and projects for school that I need to complete before finding time to work on my blog. I haven't forgotten about it, and will try to work on it some the remainder of the week. In addition to school, TJ and I are having a yard sale Saturday morning, followed by a birthday party for Th Saturday afternoon. I need to finish getting everything done for both of those events.

Oh, by the way, I quit my job yesterday, although technically I never worked. Reality hit me and I realized I was nuts to think I could squeeze in time to work.

One day maybe, but not now. For now, my job as a wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and student keep my pretty busy.

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