Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{Relying on God}

Yesterday during our history time, the Lord allowed me to have a glimpse into my son's heart. We were learning about the prophet Amos. Although he was from Judah, God called him to go preach in the land of Israel because the Israelites had stopped relying on the Lord.  As we were discussing the reasons why (wealth, peace with neighboring countries, surplus of food and supplies), he casually mentioned that he didn't rely on the Lord, either. When I questioned him further, I learned that my son (who will remain anonymous) responded that he didn't have any reason to- he didn't fight in battles (against other countries), he wasn't wandering in the wilderness, waiting to enter the Promised Land, he wasn't being ruled by a harsh king who was a direct enemy of the Lord, etc.

How did I interpret his response? Like this: he didn't know how to rely on God. I put the brakes on our history lesson and had a wonderful opportunity to explain to him what relying on God looks like. For him, as a child, it looks different than it does as an adult, but the principles behind it are the same. When he is outside playing, and comes up with [what he thinks is] a brilliant idea that involves using his dad's tools, he needs to stop and ask himself, "Is this what God would have me to do? Am I to use my dad's tools without permission?" I continued to give him similar examples and with each one, I could see the understanding show on his face. Relying on God means that you trust in His way and in His plans, knowing that they are perfect, even if God's way doesn't make sense at the time. Finally he confirmed his understanding and resolved to apply it.

Our conversation goes much deeper than just a simple dialogue at the kitchen table. It caused me to examine my own life, my own dependence on the Lord. Do my children not know what true dependence looks like because I fail to model it?  When my kids are going in 7 different directions and each one has a need that has to be met at that exact moment, do I pause to pray and gain my strength from Him in order to respond in the right way, or do I respond in my own strength in the wrong way? That was a humbling thought, and one that I have not taken lightly.

As the days pass and my time with my children at home shortens, I pray that I do model my dependence on the Lord in all areas. I am not just influencing my children, but their children and all their future generations to come.

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