Saturday, August 25, 2012

{Summer Days}

Summer has come to an end for us, and we have been so busy that I haven't even attempted to post on here...

Our summer started in May with a trip to Ohio for my brother's high school graduation. It was nice to visit with extended family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins (and second cousins!) on both my mom's and dad's side of the family. The weather was hot and we enjoyed swimming while visiting both my parents. We also squeezed in a visit with one of my oldest and dearest friend, Chelsea, and her husband and 2 boys. As usual, the kids didn't want to leave and saying "Good-bye" was bittersweet. I look forward to my visits with her so much and cherish her friendship even more. Good, godly friends are hard to come by and I'm so thankful for the influence she's had on my life. Love you, Chelsea!!

June brought on Vacation Bible School, swimming lessons for Thomas, Tristin-Grace, and Teagan, as well as Art Camp for Thomas. Probably the highlight for the month was Tanner's baptism. He wanted to be baptized for a while but we weren't sure of his salvation. He and TJ completed a bible study together, and it reassured us that he truly understands salvation.

Blurry, but you get the idea...
As quickly as June arrived, it ended and July began with swim lessons for Tanner, followed by Art Camp and a week of Vacation Bible School for the older 3 children at another church near our house. Thomas also had the pleasure of attending camp for a week at the Wilds. He was greatly missed but I'm so thankful he had the opportunity to go and enjoy being a kid. Tanner is looking forward to going with him in a couple of years!
Boarding the bus to camp
August was met with relief as a busy summer was nearing an end. When the kids weren't at camp, swim lessons, or VBS, the boys were kept busy with their volunteer activities as well as family time at the YMCA's outdoor water park or Carowinds.

The boys were ready to begin school, and they did on August 13th. We are taking our "summer" vacation in October and heading to Hilton Head for a week. In Science, we are studying day 5 of creation, specifically the swimming creatures. Part of their science curriculum is an on-going project to create an ocean box and fill it with different objects, including sand, shells, and clay models of the creatures we study this year. This trip to the beach is highly anticipated by everyone, but especially the boys so they can collect REAL ocean treasures for their boxes. =) Their excitement for learning has me excited, and makes it enjoyable for all of us.

Bible history lesson

Tristin-Grace started kindergarten at our local elementary school this past Wednesday. She cried after I left (thank goodness not while I was there!) and when TJ brought her on Friday (she was off Thursday), but she said she stopped when one of her friends came into the room. I know this is difficult for her, but that's why she is going to school. She is so shy that she uses Teagan or one of her brothers to speak for her. She cried because she was nervous and hopefully now that she's been there for a couple of days and has friends in her class, it will get easier for her. My gut reaction when she told me she cried was to just keep her at home with me and homeschool her along with the boys, but she needs to learn to be more assertive. She is going more for the social aspect of school versus the academic. I am hoping she will grow this year and then perhaps next year she can stay home with us.

Still lots going on, it seems it's never-ending in a household of our size. Football for the boys started a couple of weeks ago and that is a nightly commitment. We stay busy but thankful for the many opportunities to show and share our faith with others- wherever we go people notice us. Sometimes it bothers me, but there is nothing I can do about it. I just respond to the comments that my hands are full of love, or that I AM blessed. =)

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