Friday, May 11, 2012

{School's Out for Summer}

It's hard to believe school is out for Thomas already. We have had a fun year full of great learning experiences. Below are some pictures of learning in action!

September: Latta Plantation Homeschool Day
Learning the 3 R's (Reading, Writing, & 'Rithmetic)
Reading from a McGuffy Reader
Learning about clothing styles & medicine from the 1700s on- VERY interesting!
October: Riverbanks Zoo 
Our science curriculum is broken down into the various days of creation. This year we started with Day 5: the flying creatures.
Megabat- this year we learned the difference between a microbat and a megabat. :)

November: Carolina Raptor Center
 This field trip only enhanced what we were learning about & was probably Thomas' favorite since he has developed a passion for birding thanks to his study in science this year. 
We felt a sense of honor & pride seeing our National Bird up close & in person.

Red-tail Hawk: our favorite!!

Annie was enjoying the Birds of Prey presentation :)

 February: Chick-Fil-A
Learning how the syrup & the carbonation meet together to make soda

Teagan accompanied us on this trip. :)

May: Shaw Fest
Everyone in this family has a love of airplanes. They are fascinating and powerful and loud and illicit feelings of awe and wonder! We take our kids to the airshow every time it comes around, and this year was no exception. 

Air Force Thunderbirds preparing for flight

Thunderbirds in flight

May: Charlotte Motor Speedway
We enjoyed learning about the history of the racetrack, it's growth and development over the years, but most importantly, why it's banked at 24 degrees at each turn...

Next to Pit Road
(Fact: the stands you see behind him were constructed specifically for
TV shots so they appear full even when a race is not sold out)

We made it to the Winner's Circle!!
Along with the above fun trips, were able to go to the Great Wolf Lodge twice this school year, as well as enjoy some other fun park days with friends. We also went on a tour of our local police station, but I forgot my camera that day. :( We've already begun planning some field trips for next year and are so thankful the Lord has allowed us this opportunity to learn and grow at home, in each other's presence. 

I greatly enjoy homeschooling Thomas and am looking forward to adding Tanner to the mix this upcoming school year. It is a bit stressful managing all 6 kids, but God has been gracious in providing a wonderful preschool for some of the younger children and a wonderful elementary school that I am comfortable sending  my kids to for kindergarten/1st grade where they learn to read. I am also blessed to be surrounded by such supportive friends who also homeschool and can help by sharing tips and ideas that have worked for them in the past. Each school year is different and has its own set of challenges, but by embracing the challenges and allowing my kids to witness (& help!) me work through them, they are learning problem-solving in real life situations. My girls are learning how to manage their homes, children, and husbands all while teaching their children (not just book stuff, parenting stuff, too!), and my boys are learning to appreciate the work their future wife will do as a wife and mother. Together, we learn to enhance each other's strength's and support one another in areas of weakness. Homeschooling really is so much more than books!!

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