Friday, January 6, 2012

{A Busy Season}

Life has been busy, to say the least. My time is spent caring for my children, my husband, & my household. Interwoven in there was a visit from my mom and a week off of work for TJ. Some of the tasks that TJ & I have managed to accomplish in the past 3 weeks include:

- sorting through the boys' clothes to pack away or donate
- sorting through Taryn's clothes to determine what she needs
- unpacking boxes leftover from when we moved (over 18 months ago!) and sorting through the items
- donating bags of adult and children's clothing, toys, blankets, and "stuff" to Tender Hearts
- hanging pictures in the kids' bedrooms
- transitioning Annie from a crib to a twin bed and moving the crib into T.G.'s room for Taryn to use

Simply put, I have been busy purging and organizing my house. My goal is to go through each room and closet in an attempt to declutter and maximize space. My anxiety level was pretty high because of the disarray the house was in. Now it seems like our house is becoming more "ours" and not just a dumping ground for our stuff. I can't really explain how great I feel knowing that we are getting rid of so much stuff that we no longer use or have need for. There is still much to do but it doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore; my "To Do" list definitely got shorter because of the help of my mom (in the form of keeping the kids occupied while I worked) and TJ (who hung pictures, moved furniture, kept me company, and agreed to let things go rather than keep hanging on to them).

Next on my list is to get all my homeschooling paperwork organized and filed. That in itself seems a little daunting but now that my bedroom is less cluttered, I can work on it a little at a time and keep it down there where the kids can't get into it. I bought some plastic filing boxes (that came with a rebate so they were 100% free!) to use to file the paperwork that can be stacked in the attic. My current "filing" system is in 2 piles, one on a bookshelf and the other on top of the kids' play kitchen. =) I can't wait to see those piles sorted through, filed, and stored away forever!

On a different note, Taryn is growing like a weed and doing well. She is going longer between feedings at night, usually waking twice to eat. I will say that I have not taken as many pictures of her compared to the other children. I attribute that to the fact that I have been so busy doing other things that I forget to stop and remember she won't be this age for long. I do have pictures on my camera that I need to upload onto the computer and hopefully I will do that soon. =)

Thankful for the health, energy, and ability to do all I've been doing, and praying the Lord continues to bless my efforts at getting organized.

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