Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Family

Here is our most recent family picture. I am including it in our Christmas card...if I can ever find the time to write them!

Life for me has become even busier than it was before. I am struggling to find a balance between my expectations and reality of what I can accomplish in a day. My "To Do" list is so long and yet it seems I spend all my time between laundry, dishes, and caring for children. It is discouraging to see my list get longer instead of shorter, but I know soon enough a routine will be established and life will get back to "normal," whatever that was.

On a different note, Taryn is gaining weight quickly because she eats so often! During the day, she goes about 2 hours between feedings. However, starting around 8pm, she feeds about every hour and a half. I am nursing her but find myself giving her bottles of formula more and more because she just doesn't seem satisfied, even after nursing for 30 minutes or more. On the bright side, the kids (& TJ) can help feed her bottles whereas with nursing they obviously can't. The down side is that formula is expensive and pumping is too time consuming.

Sleep is still a rare and precious commodity for me, and I chuckle every time someone (well-meaning) advices me to nap when the kids nap. I really wish I could (trust me!) but it seems that Taryn wakes to eat when the others go down for a nap, and by the time I'm done feeding her, Ta is usually walking in the door from school and we begin our routine of homework, snacks, and getting him ready for school the next day. Once we're finished, the girls are waking from their naps and supper needs to be prepared, etc. In my "spare" time, I try to get another load of laundry going, the kids to help me with chores, and Annie down from wherever she's climbed. I am thankful this is only a season of life because sometimes I feel like my head is going to spin off my shoulders!  It truly is a busy household, but God has blessed me abundantly and I love my children dearly.

Because I doubt I have a chance to update before then, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Once I finish our yearly update, I will share it here. =)

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