Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teagan Update

I haven't shared anything recently about Teagan, her therapy, or the progress she's made in terms of her developmental delays.

Teagan was recently evaluated by our local school district to see if she qualified for speech therapy. She will soon be turning 3 and will be discharged from BabyNet, South Carolina's service provider for children birth to age 3. At age 3, children who still need to continue with services are then picked up by the local school district. Teagan, thankfully, has met all of her goals and does not qualify for services under the school district. The only concern is that she sometimes stutters, but it's mainly when she is rushed to speak or excited about something. Some of my other kids went through a stuttering phase so I am hopeful she'll work through it.

In early June, I decided to spend the summer working on potty training with her. It took Th and T.G. about a month to really get the whole potty thing down, and considering the delays Teagan had, I figured it would take her longer. Boy, was I wrong!! It took Teagan about a week to really "know" when she had to go, be able to tell me she had to go, and then make it to the potty without having an accident somewhere in the process. In addition, she also does BMs on the potty, which is HUGE when compared to ALL of her siblings before her. It took a good 6 months to a year for the others to feel comfortable sitting on the potty for that. Teagan even naps without having an accident! I am so proud of her accomplishment in this area, especially because she's still only 2 (the others were close to 3 or had already turned 3 before we attempted to potty train).

Teagan is currently working on learning to pedal her bike. Despite being discharged from physical therapy, Teagan still has low muscle tone. She has the coordination to pedal her bike but has to build up her strength in order to pedal up our driveway (which is on a slight incline). She often pedals down and pushes it back up. But, she'll get it soon enough, just like everything else she's achieved!

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