Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let Them Be Little...

Ta is finishing up his last week of kindergarten at our neighborhood school. His teachers have been wonderful, and he has learned and grown so much this year- I am very proud of his hard work!!

Ta is a pretty social boy and has made friends easily. So far public school has been a good experience for him, and I am often asked if he will continue. The answer is: yes, at least for now. My plan is to have him finish up either 1st or 2nd grade and then bring him home depending on how he is doing. Th's 1st grade year was not very productive (at least the first half, until we moved him to our neighborhood school) and is the reason we decided to homeschool him. If Ta has another great year, then I will probably let him continue through 2nd grade and bring him home for 3rd. If next year does not go so well, then it will be his final year. I have loved homeschooling and am looking forward to having all of my children homeschooled, but the reality is with (soon to be) 6 kids, and only 2 in school, I just can't manage everything as a wife and mom plus school.

Here are some pics of Ta during his end-of-year program. It was a bittersweet moment as I was once again reminded of how quickly the time is passing and how they are only little for such a little while. As a new mom, I was told many, many times by others who were more experienced that the days are long but the years pass quickly. It is soooo true and although I try to cherish the moments, sometimes it is difficult. Pictures help, but my only regret is not getting more video of my children when they were young(er). To hear their sweet voices and funny sayings, I only have my memory for that. :(

I am also including some other pictures of things that we have been doing in the past month or so.  Some of them are from a field trip we took with the girls' preschool to a local farm.

Teagan feeding the goat

Annie holding a cicada & deciding whether it looks good enough to eat

Th let the cicadas crawl all over him!!

T.G. &
her BFF on the hayride

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