Thursday, May 5, 2011

1+1+1+1+1+1= A lot!

I love the spring,
When everything’s new.
I love the blooming flowers
And the chirping birds, too.

I love the summer,
No schedule to care.
Swimming, park days,
And of course shorts to wear.

I love the autumn,
When the air turns cool.
The falling leaves,
and kids’ go back to school.

I love the winter,
When the holidays near.
Especially Christmas,
‘cause our new baby will be here!

We are excited,
Another blessing from above.
God tells us in His word,
He is good and full of love.

Knowing this, we trust Him
As God will provide.
For our every need,
Including a ride.

We simply won’t fit,
Into a mini-van any more,
We’re maxed out,
Stuffed full to the core.

We’re considering an Excursion,
Or perhaps a Suburb-an.
I guess I’ll admit it,
Maybe even a church van.

Personally, I am striving
to have "intentional faith."
Trusting Him to guide me,
just as His word saith.

Pregnancy brings joy,
but also I fear,
So I'm trusting the Lord,
for He's holding me near.

As changes are coming,
please keep us in your prayers.
Pray for the baby, this momma,
For the kids to learn to share.

But the most important request,
I ask you to pray,
Is that throughout our lives,
We’ll seek the Lord every day.

"From the end of the earth I will cry to You when my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I." 
~Psalm 61:2

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Martha Compton said...

Congratulations! So, are you going to pick a "T" name or an "A"? :)